Low self-esteem due to feeling fat

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Can I feel that I'm fat?

This is a question that has lately made me frequently can I feel that I'm fat? And although the answer is yes, it is not complete. A person can feel many things without having it, or that it is and it is given because the one that governs is not you, it is your mind.

Low self-esteem due to feeling fat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Why do I feel like I'm fat?

The feeling is given because it is something that tells you that it is so, in this case the cause of everything is the fear of being fat. Now, where does this fear of fatness come from? This comes from his beginnings as a child, there are cases of children who also have this problem.

Education is a fundamental part in the life of every being, it depends a lot on how you do it so that your life is successful, therefore, the main ones in this education are the parents, brothers, uncles, friends and then comes the environment.

Now, when a girl grows up with the fear of being fat to the extreme that she feels she is, in many cases it does not even come close, but her fear is such that she even feels that she is, when the case is serious she even looks fat in a mirror being a skeleton.

Heavy jokes damage self-esteem

There is a huge possibility that has been subject to heavy jokes, this does not necessarily have to be directed towards the person, it may be just words with someone, and she listened.

The form is important only when someone asks for it. In the case of a neuro-linguistic programmer who will ask for the information, but directly to the person who suffers from the fear of getting fat.

On the other hand, if suddenly someone feels that worry that she feels fat, do not make fun.

Low self-esteem due to feeling fat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

You're not fat, it's your mind that makes you think like that

It is very serious when a teenager is already in that process, if someone out there mocks what he says, it is forcing you to believe that if as in forming emotional resistance, it creates at the same time the image of what it would look like. It's not easy to explain, but that's how it works.

For this reason, the more times she is told she is not fat, the more she looks fat, resists what they say. Now why this resistance? This is because a mental program is created in his brain, originated by the experiences that caused him shame.

Because of the fear of shame they laugh at because of their fatness, it is what it gives to want to see what they want to see, even to feel that they are fat. Now, if you are a girl who feels that she is fat, look at this table of weight and height and you will realize that it is not like that.

Think, I do not know you, although I would like it if it were like that, then, what do I gain by seeing a table? The only thing I gain is the complacency that someone opened their eyes, in this way you no longer see or feel something that is not in your body.

Fears or shames are the cause of many ways to become depressed, they even get to sadness, but once that fear is removed your life will change. This is guaranteed because I have felt it, it is not pleasant and the results are very effective. Can I feel that I'm fat? Yes, but it is not real.