How to improve my self-esteem?

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When knowing is love, it is defined as the more you learn the more you love yourself, which is the same. Generally when a person is excellent in all their performances, they become victims of the envious and annoying.

How to improve my self-esteem? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Use your time in what you are passionate about

Knowledge does not mean that these people are isolated, on the contrary they prefer to use their time to learn more about what they are passionate about. A case of these always occurs in schools, which have a good student as a gold medal.

A person with intellectual abilities is highly praised by the society of his environment. In a certain institute of education there is a girl, who is outstanding in every step she takes, according to her which makes a comment.

"My worst mistake is to be fat, the boys only look for me to help them with their homework, the next day they do not look at me, after I teach them how to solve the problems of physics and chemistry, it's like we never would have known". "I know I am not nice for men, but one thing I do know and that is that I know more than all of my promotion, this makes me happy. When I saw myself in the mirror, I panicked, because I wanted to have a boyfriend and I felt ugly. How do I increase my self-esteem? Because I do not want to lose weight, it bores me to be thin like the others ".

How to increase my self-esteem?

First of all, since the girl likes to read there is no problem about this, what she should do in this case is to read books about self-esteem.

After that understand, why some people do not like us? It is not that you do not like them, the problem is within you, you do not like them and this is sent to the psyche of people.

How to improve my self-esteem? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Eliminate the fear of your life

That is, you unconsciously send data to people of your same frequency, especially with fear. Fear can destroy entire masses of people, so living with living with fear is not pleasant at all.

Your fear of not being accepted is because you do not accept yourself, that's why nobody does the opposite. If you are desperate for a boyfriend, keep in mind that kilometers smell you. So it is not the best way to despair, your moment and the right person appears, nobody is ever alone.

Another thing that helps you is to teach some knowledge, if you know that they do not learn, take advantage and with that pretext you can get someone to notice you.

How to improve my self-esteem? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Knowledge is power and you just have to learn to use it

This is done in the most disguised way, now if they do not invite you to leave, it's their problem, because they only wait for you to solve their problems. Your energy is spent and you lose strength, so it is better to observe who is really interested in you, and you teach him the same.

There are many things that are natural in people like a caress, smile, touch, look and so on. What you should know is that nobody does it for doing it, they use this kind of strategy for something.

Now, when you get to the point of knowing is to love you, it's the best, because you understand that the rest for it will reach your capacity, it will be years and they will not understand.

That way you take three steps in front of them and if not, it's more, you never get back from knowing, because you do not know what you're doing with you.