Low self-esteem in girls

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When talking about self-esteem is concerned; to the way a person looks in relation to another, normally self-esteem arises from the comparison with another person, who stands out for their qualities or abilities. But self-esteem is valued and accepted as such and what we are without taking into account what the rest of the world thinks.

Low self-esteem in girls – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Girls are more likely to have low self-esteem

In the same way, in the case of boys and girls, it is related to what they think they are compared to the other similar to him.

When you have a low concept of what we are by the previous comparison we have made with others, or for lived psychological situations that have shown a negative image of itself, it is said that the person has very low self-esteem or low self-esteem.

Recognizing in a child whether or not he has low self-esteem is very important, because he covers a large part of what is the emotional strength of each human being. If an adult person, child or girl has a negative self-concept, she does not have a good self-esteem and in general terms she does not have it.

Self-esteem is a fundamental pillar to develop the confidence and esteem that you have of yourself. For this reason, in the development of this article, information about low self-esteem in girls is shared specifically because it is girls or women who at some point in their lives criticize themselves for prejudices, questioning what they are.

Most comparisons and prejudices are given by the family, without neglecting society, the latter influences significantly because it imparts the rules of what should be and what the person says it is.

According to research carried out, it was observed that every day the number of girls increases and adolescent who manifest dissatisfaction with what they are, in aspects such as height, hair, skin color and many others.

All this is a product of established competitiveness as a norm of what should be.

Low self-esteem in girls – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Especially in the stage of adolescence, girls begin to suffer from strong depressive states mostly derived from facing a new stage in their life, and above all a low self-esteem, which also leads to problems a little more serious as they are; toisolation, depressions, drug and alcohol consumption, to name a few.

It is for this and many other reasons that measures must be taken to strengthen self-esteem in girls. Especially in the ages of seven years and older, Acting as parents responsible for their identity.

According to the contributions of the research carried out, some factors must be taken into account to improve self-esteem in girls.

These are the way parents make her feel more feminine, acting in her way of; dress, talk, behave and respect their opinions, highlighting its attributes and not issuing contrary comments that put in doubt its own image.

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