Benefits of Yogurt

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Properties and benefits of yogurt? There are many reasons to know about the properties and benefits of yogurt. One of them is that yogurt has microorganisms, capable of helping in the intestinal transit.

Yogurt is a product that is obtained through bacterial fermentation of lactase (milk sugar).

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The fermentation of this lactic acid gives it its distinctive flavor and texture. For a long time this food has gained a great reputation in different countries. This has made it begin to link with other ingredients such as chocolate, fruit, vanilla and other products.

Composition of yogurt

This by-product of milk is obtained through the bacterial fermentation of milk. Its composition maintains almost the same nutritional values ​​of milk with the exception of lactose. The latter is either not present, or if it is present but in minimal quantities.

With this in mind we can say that yogurt has; proteins, calcium, vitamin B, A, D and fat. It is important to note that as there is a variety of yogurt things like; its texture, taste, fat level, added sugars and preservatives may vary.

Types of yogurts and benefits

As we mentioned before there are several types of yoghurts among them we can name;

· Skim, light or zero fat; It is a perfect option for those people who want to control the calories they consume. As in people with high levels of blood fats.

· Type flan; In this case, the Greek yogurt stands out, which usually has more calories but a smaller number of additives. It should also be noted that it is a more natural and nutritious version. So it is an excellent option for people with swallowing problems.

· Aggregates of seeds or dried fruits; It is the best option in cases of constipation and helps in lowering blood cholesterol.

· Sugar added; In this case the amount of calories increases, making it an excellent choice for people who must gain weight. Although if sweetened with sweetener does not increase the contribution of calories.

Benefits of natural yogurt

There are many properties and benefits of yogurt among them we can indicate the following ones;

Contribution of nutrients

This food provides proteins, vitamins and minerals. In the case of proteins are of high biological value.

It provides the essential amino acids and helps to calm the appetite sensation. Among the vitamins that contribute we have those of group D, A and B. While the minerals that contribute are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

Help in the intestinal microbiota

Among the properties and benefits of yogurt we have to maintain the intestinal microbiota. This is due to its high content of bacteria and yeast used in lactic fermentation.

At the same time it manages to avoid the colonization of microorganisms capable of generating problems to our health.

In short, yogurt serves as a probiotic, capable of restoring intestinal microbiota.

Help in the vaginal microbiota

To avoid fungal infections, the vaginal microbiota should be kept in perfect condition. It works as beneficial foods to nourish and care for the intestinal flora.

Due to the content of bacteria that it contains, they reinforce the immune system enriching the microbiota.

Easy to digest

Other of the properties and benefits of yogurt is that it has a lactose that is easy to digest. So compared to milk yogurt is a much easier to digest food.

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Beneficios del Yogurt
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