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5 ways to recognize anorexia

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It is essential that we know how to identify when a person is suffering from the disorder of anorexia in order to take action on the matter and thus help the anorexic. This disease takes time to cure, so the sooner it is diagnosed, the faster recovery treatment will begin.

5 ways to recognize anorexia – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Weight: If you notice that the person lost weight very abruptly and in a short period of time, then you have to be aware since this may be a sign that they are suffering from the disorder.

Physical exercise: It is essential for a person to do sports to keep fit and lead a healthy life. However, the extreme of doing many hours of exercise per day and even doing it on days of excessive heat give us an indication that something is not right.

Mirror: If you are continuously looking in the mirror and have the desire to continue losing weight even if you are already in the normal and correct values of the body mass index.

Avoid family meals: One of the key points to recognize the presence of anorexia in a person is that they do not want to share meals with family or friends since in this way they would realize that they are not eating or that they eat minimal portions.

Escape to the bathroom: In the event that you agree to eat with someone else, what can happen is that you escape as soon as you have finished eating to vomit what you have just eaten. It is essential that parents pay special attention to such behavior.

Anorexia disorder is not easy at all and family members must be aware of the situation as soon as possible to be able to carry out the corresponding medical studies.