Bags in the eyes

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Have you asked yourself how to reduce eye bags? it is a question that many people ask themselves, since this problem as well as not very aesthetic can cause visibility problems.

The best way to reduce eye bags it is making use of natural remedies.

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In nature we can find a large number of products that help in this task as is the case of chamomile or the extract of dandelions.

Why do I have bags in my eyes?

As we mentioned before this problem is aesthetic and it makes us look a little older. Among the factors that can cause its appearance we have:

· Allergies.

· Lack of sleep.

· Nasal congestion.

· Genetic factors.

· Fluid retention.

· Hormone imbalances.

· Respiratory infections.

· Side effects by medications.

Prevent bags in the eyes

Prevention is better than cure, so we invite you to know the best ways to avoid the appearance of bags in the eyes.

· Rest well eight hours a day.

· Keep all stress controlled.

· Always be hydrated, so our body does not retain fluid.

· Reduce the caffeine and salt intake (if possible avoid it), so our body does not retain so much liquid. In the case of salt we know that it is difficult to remove it from the diet, so we recommend you look for a substitute.

How to reduce the bags in the eyes?

In this case we will make use of certain home remedies very effective and minimally invasive. Among which we can highlight we have;

Ice cubes

If you wake up in the mornings with ugly bags under your eyes, this remedy is perfect. Take some ice cubes and place them under the eyes for 10 minutes so we can reduce the swelling.

Chamomile bags

If you ask yourselfHow to reduce eye bags? A good option would be to place camomile sachets on each eye for 10 minutes. To do this you must prepare the infusion of chamomiles, wait for it to cool and apply the treatment.

With this remedy we manage to reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels, as well as the inflammation of the eyes.

Dandelion extract

An excellent remedy easy to find. The dandelion extract possesses diuretic properties, so it helps to avoid fluid retention.

In case you are not consuming any type of diuretic drug you can start with the dandelion extract.

The recommended thing is to consume 20 drops of this product three times a day.

Foods to reduce eye bags

Carrying a good diet is a good answer to the question how to reduce the bags in the eyes? in many aspects, the foods we consume affect our health and aesthetics, so eating a balanced diet is essential.

Among the foods that we can use to reduce the bags in the eyes we have;

· Citrus; Drinking lemon or orange water on an empty stomach is perfect to reduce this problem. These will help prevent fluid retention and how they provide vitamin C helps in the production of collagen and elastin.

· Fruits and vegetables; Pineapple, papaya, kiwi, spinach and chard are excellent foods for these cases.

· Fiber; Not eating foods with fiber can cause eye bags. We must bear in mind that this problem may be the result of constipation. Situation that can be avoided by consuming fiber.

How to reduce the bags in the eyes? Good habits

Begin a healthier life, practicing sports and doing physical exercise is perfect for your health.

We recommend you perform physical exercise for about 30 minutes a day, in this way we avoid health problems and bags in the eyes.

If you ask yourself the question How to decrease the eye bags? yoga is a good option with this practice we can stimulate breathing, which makes our skin look fresher.

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