7 ways to remove dark circles easily

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Eliminate forever the eyes of raccoon or dark circles following the advice of this practical guide

Also known as "raccoon eyes" or dark circles, is actually the accumulation of blood or inflammation in the lower part of the ocular tissue and unlike what most of the population thinks, it is due to more than just late nights.

7 ways to remove dark circles easily – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
It happens that the skin in the lower area of ​​the eyes is very thin, it is thinner than the skin of the face in general.

And what you want to know. The annoying and unsightly dark circles, why are they?

The reality is that it is about different amounts of problems. according to countless studies, the birth of this phenomenon under the eyes masks different problems such as genetic factors, renal deficiencies and even slow thyroid or hypothyroidism.

Eradicate the problem of dark circles or bags

It is not necessary to think at first of the idea of ​​undergoing medical treatment, you can deal with swollen puffiness through the safe application of home remedies that do not complicate the existence.

1. A small eye exercise

To ensure firmness in the delicate skin under the eyes, it is a good method to support the fingers at the temples, closing the eyelid firmly for a period of ten seconds.

This method must be repeated at least ten times with each one of the eyes, finally the two will be closed and both will calm for a few seconds.

7 ways to remove dark circles easily – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

2. Chamomile tea of ​​miracles

Another classic in the treatments against the happy dark circles for its amazing stimulating and relaxing ability.

All that is required is a pair of very clean sachets, at a warm temperature that are left resting on both eyes, this for at least a period of ten minutes.

The absorption of vitamins and nutrients is only an extra benefit, it will gradually lower the swelling and activate the good circulation of the bloodstream.

3. The position when sleeping is a factor to pay attention

At the end of the day and with everything ready to rest, it is recommended to place the head higher than the feet and with a pillow that has a good thickness to evade the dreaded swelling of the eyelids. The use or application of cold substances on the eyes also lies in positive results, this because it reduces congestion, dark circles and bags.

4. Warm cloths

At the time of dismissing the day you can soak a cloth exclusively for the delicate eye area. Every night the wet cloth will be placed over the area. It is the equivalence of more advanced costly treatments. The thorough cleaning of the face in general is something necessary and is not taken lightly because it directly influences.

It is a good way to keep dark circles away and fight them in the future. Hydration if neglected will incur many other damages.

5. Always the diet

In everything it exerts its powerful influence and, for example, if the dark circles are originated by questions of deficit of iron the consumption of red meats will be of the marvels, can be adopted a feeding that includes vegetables, citrus fruits and a few yolks of egg if it is desired recover the suitable ferric levels.

Excess salt counts as another factor given to trapping liquids.

Vitamin C plays an indisputable role and its deficit has an influence on skin conditions. Free radicals are responsible for generating havoc given the advance of the tempo, but antioxidants keep them sufficiently at bay and prolong a little more the beauty.

7 ways to remove dark circles easily – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
The nuts are delicious containers of the much-needed and beloved antioxidants.

6. There are also special cosmetics

Thousands of industries dedicated to the world of beautification have dedicated their investments to the creation of creams or gels that fix the coloration in the affected area and reduce inflammation.

7. More advanced treatments in case of medical problems

They have been developed with growing age laser treatments, complex formulations whose powerful weapon is vitamin K and an injectable formulation of hyaluronic acid has also been developed.

In the most extreme cases you can go to perform a small surgery that removes fat. His name is blepharoplasty.