Firming skin after losing weight

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After losing weight, it becomes imperative to implement an exercise routine with which to tone muscles and benefit the repair of damaged skin in order to avoid flaccidity, especially in the area of ​​both arms and abdomen.

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Tips to firm skin after losing weight

Following a proper strategy makes it possible to restore the lost firmness to the skin after losing weight, although regular and concrete physical exercises help to correct the problem, it is the food that plays the ameritant transcendental role.

Abundant water intake

More than drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water, the key lies in staying hydrated, achieving the task is simple, just take small sips every half hour and alternate the vital liquid with other healthy drinks, for example, infusions such as cinnamon with honey.

The reason for the recommendation is that these two components form an effective remedy to accelerate metabolism, while the muscles are nourished and the skin is reaffirmed through an appetizing way to start the day.

Adequate protein consumption

Knotted to a good hydration, there is the consumption of proteins because they are the only ones capable of sustaining the different tissues, both of the skin and of the muscles, and is that, although they may be of vegetable and animal origin, it is the lean that better favors the healthy toning of sagging skin. Where to find it? in foods such as turkey or chicken breast, salmon, egg, spinach and oats.

Promotes the production of collagen and elastin with these foods

Replenishing the flaccid skin after thinning requires providing elemental nutrients to the body that, in addition to motivating the recovery of firmness, promote its elasticity.

In this sense, elastin and collagen are key elements making the consumption of foods that help to synthesize them imperative, among them soy, tofu, carrot, beans, salmon, melon, nuts, yogurt, arugula and kale.

Additional alternatives to show a smooth skin after losing weight

Jump rope or tie

At first it was commented that exercise is essential if you want to deal with the flaccidity of the skin after having lost weight, but beware, not any training, but a routine that promotes the toning of muscles. However, skipping rope is an especially effective alternative to strengthen muscles, and just 20 minutes sessions once or twice a day, three times a week.

Massages with aloe vera

The virtues of the medicinal plant are favorable in the treatment of flaccid skin after losing weight, it is spoken of a moisturizing and natural repairer with active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants allied in the restoration of areas affected by stretch marks by just massaging it to daily with the gel extracted from its leaves.

Weights exercises

Reverting flaccidity requires exercises aimed at increasing muscle tone because it is the most effective way to strengthen the tissues connected to the skin gradually adapting to the new weight, an excellent option to achieve the goal is to perform exercises with weights working the most critical areas with the guidance of an instructor.

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