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Foods with biotin or vitamin B7. if you want to show off incomparable hair and skin you should consume foods with biotin. A group B vitamin which can be found in several products that we consume daily.

Biotin not only keeps your hair and skin in perfect condition, but also takes care of the nails of your feet and hands. Everything that does good to our body is good and even more so if it works as an ally for beauty.

Like any other vitamin, biotin is essential for our body, so it should be added to our diet. On the other hand, this vitamin is easily absorbed, allowing regulate the digestive and cardiovascular functions.

Properties of biotin

Consuming foods with biotin will stimulate the production of hemoglobin, which transports red blood cells in the blood and oxygen.

At the same time this vitamin intervenes in the process of glucose transformation, regulating blood sugar levels.

The latter is important because, thanks to it, cardiovascular diseases can be avoided.

In addition to intervening in other body processes, biotin helps digest and metabolize carbohydrates and fats.

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What is biotin for?

Vitamin B7 is a vital nutrient for our body and allows us;

· Metabolize fatty acids and amino acids. This happens thanks to its intervention in different enzymes to carry out the transfer of carbon dioxide.

· Metabolize carbohydrates. As indicated earlier this vitamin influences the process of converting food into glucose. Which is necessary to obtain energy. Some animal studies also indicate that you can maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

· Skin, hair and nails. some studies done in women with mistreated hair showed that vitamin B7 helps to have healthy hair.

The same happens in the case of the skin allowing the regeneration and strengthening of tissues. in the case of nails, it helps keep them long and strong.

Finally, biotin also maintains the metabolism of macro-nutrients and helps maintain the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Main foods with biotin

Some foods in our daily diet can provide this vitamin, as is the case of;

Meat and fish

In the case of meat, the most recommended food to obtain biotin is the liver. However this should be done in moderation, remember that excessive consumption of meat is not good.

On the other hand, salmon can offer you a large amount of biotin and other B vitamins. It also promotes cardiovascular capacity.


This food that you surely consume daily has a high content of vitamin B7 (Biotin). But it also has vitamin D and fiber both necessary to prevent vision and muscle problems.


Consuming nuts is always good, in addition to carrying biotin, they also contain fatty acids, proteins and fibers.


Both peas and legumes are the best options when talking about foods with biotin. Both provide 40 micrograms of this vitamin in 100 grams. With the difference that when the peas are dry they provide 70 mcg.

Sunflower seeds

In each 100 grams of sunflower seeds we can obtain 55 mcg of biotin. At the same time this food is rich in antioxidants and magnesium.


For every 100 grams of banana we can obtain 128 mcg of biotin, making it a rich source of this vitamin. It also provides minerals (potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.) and vitamins A, C and B6.


Cereals such as rice bran provide 66 mcg of biotin, oatmeal 24 mcg and barley 31 mcg of this element. At the same time there are many other cereals with this vitamin.

List of foods rich in biotin

Since you know how important this vitamin is for the body, we will list several foods with biotin:

· Soy.

· Tuna.

· Milk

· Fruits.

· Liver

· Broccoli.

· Cauliflower

· Salmon.

· Kidneys

· Sweet potatoes.

· Avocado.

· Spinach

· Nuts.

· Cheddar cheese.

· Egg yolks

· Whole grains.

· Beer yeast.

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Alimentos con Biotina
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