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The kidneys take care of eliminate all toxins of the body like potassium, urea and phosphorus among others through the urine to release organicism and have a good functioning, having cancer in the kidneys prevents them from doing their work, and they begin to present abnormalities in the body. It can appear at any age and sex but more often occurs in men.

What is kidney cancer?

This is developed in the tissue of the kidneys, the most common is renal cell carcinoma, which grows in the cortex of tubes that are found in the kidneys, whose function is to filter the blood and eliminate waste. This does not show symptoms when it is starting but if there may be signs if the tumor is large.

The types of cancer in the kidney are:

Renal cell cancer This is the most common and is formed in the cortex of the kidney.

Transitional cell cancer of the renal pelvis and ureter is when cancer cells form in the renal pelvis and ureter.

Wilms tumor are formed in children under 15 years, and is the one that occurs more frequently.

Symptoms of kidney cancer

Very rarely there are symptoms and signs when it is beginning and there are no tests or exams on how to detect this fatal disease. These are some symptoms that may occur:

  • Bleeding when urinating

  • Anemia.

  • Loss of appetite and weight.

  • Pain from one side that persists.

  • Mass in the abdomen.

  • Intermittent fever

  • Fatigue.

  • Swelling in the ankles and legs.

Treatments for kidney cancer

Among the treatments are surgery and radiotherapy and systemic treatments such as immunotherapy and biological therapies.

Surgery: surgery helps in this case decreases the symptoms caused by the tumor and if this has not expanded in the form of metastasis it can achieve a longer duration. Transitional cell carcinomas are performed by surgery and this eliminates the kidney, the ureter and the part of the bladder that connects the ureter.

Radiotherapy: it helps to diminish the tumors by means of the selective obstruction of the blood vessels.

Immunotherapy: here drugs are used that help to stimulate the immune system of the organism that acts against tumors.

Biological therapies: they are directed to remove and identify malignant cells without damaging normal cells. Drugs are used that prevent cells from providing nutrients and oxygen necessary for them not to continue their development.

Its causes and prevention

The causes are not yet known, although they are related to genetic diseases and the use of tobacco, since smoking helps to increase the possibility of suffering from cancer in the kidneys. The accumulation of normal cells can extend beyond the kidney creating tumors and tend to spread creating metastases.

Some factors that increase kidney cancer are obesity, advanced age, having a history of family members who have suffered from this disease, high-fat diet, exposure to cadmium and kidney diseases.

To prevent or reduce the risk is not smoking and if you smoke leave it immediately, maintain an ideal weight and control high blood pressure.

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