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Naproxen is a medication. Naproxen is commonly known with some generic names or popular as Naproxin or Antalgin.

It is an effective, powerful and powerful anti-inflammatory, one of the most effective in the pharmacological world to treat discomfort, inflammations and pains in the body of the human being or individual.

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This type of medication is less aggressive because it does not contain steroids, which benefits many women in particular, due to its calming power without contraindications, especially in cases of menstrual problems or pains.

In ancient times it was used frequently by women in particular, because it was considered effective and at the same time harmless to relieve this type of discomfort and not only the abdominal pains but also the abundant flows, headaches or migraines, product of menstruation.

Uses of Naproxen

It is used very frequently to treat generalized pains of lesser intensity such as migraines, even though specialists always recommend intensifying its effect with the combination of other stronger drugs to achieve more immediate relief. One of those recommended is the sumatriptan.

Other uses are indicated as an anti-inflammatory drug in cases of arthritis, mild or moderate osteomuscular, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal pain, among many others.

There are two types or variations of this medication that are normal Naproxen and Naproxen Sodium.

These two variations are both 500 milligrams, and vary in the way they are absorbed by the body, that is, in the case of Sodium, absorption by the body is immediate.

This product of the combination of its components (brackish compound) the salt. On the other hand, the normal naproxen it is absorbed more slowly by the body.

Specialists in the field of medicine recognize the efficiency of this medicine as soothing and anti-inflammatory to treat the conditions described and consider it even more effective than ibuprofen to combat this type of discomfort.

However, the same specialists have commented that it should not be consumed for prolonged periods of time and its continuity should not be exceeded, because there are secondary risks of causing stomach upset, convulsions that induce abortions in the cases of pregnant women.

Contraindications of Naproxen

The prescribed dose should not be exceeded, it is usually one or two pills every eight hours, or the one indicated by the doctor as the case may be.

It is not recommended in its entirety in pregnant women, this is because studies have not been able to guarantee positive side effects in the fetus.

Some specialists say that it could cause congenital malformations during the process.

It can cause drowsiness in some cases that is why it is contraindicated when breastfeeding.

It is always recommended for any intake of treatment or drug consult a specialist or treating doctor.

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