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Properties of oregano: benefits of oregano in infusion

Sara Manaure
3 min read

Oregano is a herb that it can be ingested in different ways.

There are those who prefer to drink oregano infusion as they feel its effects faster. Consistently drinking oregano tea has many health benefits in addition to being a great source of antioxidants.

Properties of oregano: benefits of oregano in infusion – Wellness and Health
Oregano Infusion

In the following article I will talk about the importance of oregano tea now for health, its properties and the benefits that can be achieved with its regular intake.

Properties of oregano in infusion

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and tissue regeneration properties, it is possible to reduce acne, warts and canker sores.

Its strong smell allows scaring off insects, either in infusion or by sowing the plant. In addition, due to its large reserves of antioxidants and expectorants, it can treat allergies, bronchitis, coughs and asthma.

Properties and benefits of oregano

Regulates stomach problems

One of the benefits of oregano tea is to regulate the functioning of the digestive tract. Heartburn and parasite problems can easily be treated with constant intake of oregano tea for 6 weeks or so.

Menstruation problems

The infusion of oregano helps to reduce inflammation of the menstrual area as well as menstrual cramps. Greatly relieving women who tend to suffer from spasms and severe pain during this time of the month.

Wound healing

It is possible with oregano tea to promote skin healing. In addition, it prevents infections from large wounds.

In a liter of water place a handful or 3 heaping tablespoons of oregano leaves. Being fresh is much better. Wait for it to boil for 3 minutes or so.

Properties of oregano: benefits of oregano in infusion – Wellness and Health
Drunk in tea, hot or cold.

Remove from heat, cover and let it rest for a few minutes before drinking. When serving, strain to separate the leaves or let them settle and add a little honey or the sweetener of your choice.

You can take them hot, when it is cold or cold for hot days, their properties are maintained. In addition, you can combine them with other plants for greater effects.

How often should the oregano infusion be taken?

The recommendation is to take a cup of oregano both in the morning and in the evening. You can take it with food if you know that it is a heavy dish such as beef.

Properties of oregano: benefits of oregano in infusion – Wellness and Health
Oregano is a powdered or leafy spice.

Recommendations to consider

Oregano tea is widely used to treat everyday ailments. Keep in mind that if the discomfort is very constant and has no apparent cause, it is best to see a doctor.

If you are following a pharmaceutical treatment, consult first before incorporating oregano tea so frequently into your diet. Their effects may outweigh the benefits of the drug.

It also depends a lot on the people and their condition. If you know that you do not have side effects, but you are pregnant, have diabetes, allergies, or a bleeding disorder, it is important to consult your doctor.

As I always tell you, everything in excess is bad, so try to establish tea routines that provide different characteristics to avoid long-term side effects.