Severe diet because I'm fat?

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Many women are thinking about "I want a severe diet because I'm fat" the question is, why are they so afraid of having a weight that is fine for them, but not for others? this is a clear symptom that they still do not learn to love themselves.

Severe diet because I'm fat? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Severe diets can cause problems

Do not they know that there is love for oneself?

Every human being must learn to be loving with oneself, and I warn that it is not easy since anyone can say "Love yourself is the best thing you can do for one" but, in reality they do not love themselves.

For this phrase to take effect, you must love yourself and be aware of who you are and a woman is the clear example of inner beauty, only that for the most part you do not know it.

Many times the fault lies with them for not realizing how much they are worth. When saying "I want a severe diet because I'm fat" he is saying that he hates himself, that he does not like what he sees in the mirror every time he stands in front of him, in any case, he should first understand himself and the quickest way is asking himself: Who am I?

Undergo a severe diet because of looking fat

One thing is that you do not like being fat because you need to be in good health or because you would like to wear a type of clothing that you like and for that reason, must drop a few pounds, this has nothing to do with self-esteem, on the contrary, because you want to, you want to give a good deal.

Severe diet because I'm fat? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Fear is a double-edged sword

It is very different from having to undergo a severe diet because someone suggests it or because someone took it easy and gave him a hard time but, that is more because he is afraid of shame and what they will say and that It's something else. Usually when it happens that is because of some experience that has happened.

All experience results in a trauma and this eventually becomes an attitude, whose symptom is the same as someone suffers when he hears what another says, for example there are women who say: "My boyfriend does not like See me fat. "

This as a test of what happens in people with emotional problems and believe they should do everything they say.

Diets do not work for people who are afraid of something and especially those who have to watch overweight for fear of losing something, why do you think there are yo-yo diets? that is no more than when they lose weight and so are a few days and then when the body understood what is happening to it, then it rises and a little more for the loss.

Wanting a severe diet because you're fat is an emotional deception.