Offenses against women due to obesity

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When someone returns an offense for offense, it is because he has nothing else in his brain. Due to this, if someone attacks her, she will respond in the same way, since there are no words, no manners in his memory.

Most people think that insulting and shouting is the best way to defend themselves, but they do not pay attention, since this makes someone who has no education. This is due to ignorance about the best way to behave before others.

Do not get carried away by emotions

When you do not have the right information in your mind, you are vulnerable to emotions. It means that, si you do not understand that to fight you need two fools, you happen to be a fool in the problem if you do it.

I've seen fat women who highlight their beauty through their curves, but when someone says they are hurt by shouting, "Vaca o gorda", or another insult, they release their beautiful vocabulary. This rich in words that have never been heard.

I know that words are words, but words that come out of your mouth are so strong and vulgar that they leave the other being in complete paralysis upon hearing them. It is usually men who resort to an insult to attract attention, a lady not, but when it turns out the opposite.

They are so surprised to hear a rumble of a small mouth, remaining silent, unable to say anything. This can be expected from a man, in a woman it is synonymous with baseness and imprudence.

How to act before an offense?

The best way to be educated in a situation of these, is to have calm and breathe, let an offense go on. If someone comes to scream "GORDA", with a name like greasy, take a deep breath and let it happen, do not return an offense for offense.

That way you will be the educated, so that person thinks that your silence is out of fear.

Do not let an offense affect you

Many beings confuse this, they think that to silence an offense is because of fear and whoever does it, knows that it is because of modesty and education. Doing it for yourself is good, do not expect the rest to understand this, because they will not.

It's better if you understand it and leave it at that. In my learning I have had errors because of this I did not know how to control and it bothered me.

I heard offenses towards my round body and it angered me, but yes, I never responded in a foul manner. I was looking for a way to avoid the problem, as I wrote earlier that person thought he was afraid.

It happened that I was destabilized a little by some "Offense", because emotionally I was unstable.

After placing myself in a strong mental point, I decided to let everything happen. So the annoying loses motivation and strength.

If you discover the Achilles heel in people who have the option to offend, it is easy to eliminate them from your mental environment. It means that what they do does not affect you, you remain normal as usual and smiling without returning an offense for offense.

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Ofensas a mujeres por obesidad
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