How to lose weight without having a rebound effect?

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The rebound effect represents the main concern of anyone who starts a plan, diet or exercise routine to lose weight, this strange and curious phenomenon is that when you lose weight, it will not be long for you to recover it and even on the weight you had originally, thus causing all the effort and work to be lost, but why? Is the rebound effect given?

How to lose weight without having a rebound effect? – Wellness and Health

Why does the rebound effect occur?

The body is in many ways, a perfect machine, that detects changes in our habits or diet, when you start a diet, this means a quantity of calories less than what the body is used to, this puts into operation a mechanism that “saves” energy.

This energy saving is achieved by slowing down the metabolism, then, when returning to the normal diet, the body stores more energy, causing this rebound effect.

How can you avoid the rebound effect?

Do not do very strict or radical diets. This type of diet limits the calories a lot and the body “realizes” immediately, when dieting, try that the maximum calories per day you are subtracting is 500kcal.

This way you will prevent the body from slowing down the metabolism and avoid the rebound effect.

Be patient. We know that when you start a new diet, many people feel it as a punishment, but be patient so that by eliminating fat, your body does not suffer so much, eliminating 1% of the total real weight per week is a good number, your accounts and mentalízate to meet that goal in the necessary time, there is no hurry.

Accompany your diet with exercise. Exercise allows you to maintain muscle mass, which (in case you did not know) is the one that consumes fat and helps us burn calories, thus maintaining a stable weight.

Keep realistic goals. We already mentioned the ideal percentage of weight, nothing will serve you to kill yourself of hunger and effort a week, if you are going to recover what was lost in the next, think that it is pointless to accelerate the process, enjoy the path.

How to lose weight without having a rebound effect? – Wellness and Health

Conclusion to lose weight without rebound effect

As you could tell, avoid the rebound effect is a race of resistance and not speed, it is really simple and the results are a long-term benefit, because as your body got used to many calories a day, little by little You will get used to receiving less, that means keeping your ideal weight for longer with a less demanding diet and exercise.