Teff flour What is it, and what are its benefits?

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Teff flour is a very healthy type of food, so it has been studied for a long time to learn more about its benefits. With this type of flour we can make a wide variety of recipes and sweets, which apart from being delicious are healthy for our health.

Teff flour What is it, and what are its benefits? – Wellness and Health

What is teff flour?

In simple terms we can say that teff flour is a product derived from teff. The latter being a small gluten-free grain, from Ethiopia, where it is food of vital importance. Standing out particularly for its high nutritional value and for being gluten-free.

In general, this type of flour is used mostly by Ethiopians to make typical artisan bread cakes. However, due to its many benefits, this food has spread rapidly to other parts of the world. Consumed in most cases in the form of breads, muffins and pastry products.

To all this it is important to add that its cultivation is not so destructive to the environment, in fact it is considered friendly with it. This is because it can be planted in different climatic conditions, and can even be planted in dry soils or with a lot of water.

What are the benefits of teff flour?

As we mentioned, this would have been rapidly expanding to other places due to the multiple benefits it has, among which are;

· Serves to prevent muscle aches and cramps.

· It manages to maintain blood lipid levels.

· It is used to lose weight, since it helps to satisfy hunger.

· It can be consumed by celiacs, as it is gluten-free.

· It is recommended for growing children because it provides calcium.

· Allows mental recovery, after making a great effort.

· Serves for muscle recovery, as it has an energizing power.

· It has a high fiber content, so it improves intestinal transit.

· It can be included in a vegan and vegetarian diet, due to its vegetable proteins.

· It can be consumed by lactating or pregnant women for its nutritional contribution.

· It serves to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, due to its contribution of calcium and phosphorus.

· Contains omega-6 which helps in inflammatory diseases and premenstrual syndrome.

· It is healthy for diabetics, as it reduces the absorption of sugars and is one of the foods rich in carbohydrates.

It is important to add that teff flour has a high nutritional contribution, specifically we can say that it has a high energy value, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, fat, calcium and potassium. To all this we must add its contribution of saturated fat, iron, vitamin C, copper and zinc.