Types of food additives

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There is not only one type of additive, but there are many more. You must bear in mind that an additive is not something homogeneous. These are a series of elements that can be integrated into our food. To better understand the aforementioned we can say that there are the following food additives. Remember to read the following information, before discovering the types of food additives.


As its name does not indicate, this element has the task of giving a better aroma to food. Also seeking to improve the taste of it, and make it much more attractive to people.

In this case we can talk about products with a plant origin or some other product that emits an aroma. In relation to the places where they can be used, these are very varied, in fact we find it in wines, cereals, sweets, pastries and other products.


This is one of the best-known additives out there and gives a sweet taste to food. Because of this they are used as a substitute for sugar. Some examples of these additives are saccharin, aspartame, stevia, and glycyrrhine.


They are those that are added to food to improve its appearance, since they give it more color. In this case they can be of natural or synthetic origin. Some examples are saffron, chlorophyll, erythrosine, and tartrazine.


The objective of these food additives is to regulate the level of acidity in the food. Which can also change the flavor of the product. In this case we find sulfate such as sodium or calcium, which are applied to soft drinks.

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This is the best known additive that we can find, and they are used mainly in order to prevent food spoilage. What can cause of the activity of microorganisms. Some of these additives would be sorbic acid and benzoic acid.

Modified starches

In this case we are talking about one of the food additives, which are characterized by being based on the properties of starch. This is done in order to make additives with binding properties, to result in bind. Although it also allows two or more types of food to be held together, which otherwise could not be done.

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Tipos de aditivos alimentarios
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