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What carbohydrates can be consumed

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Carbohydrates are usually the main ones excluded when it comes to dieting, which leads to the question : is depriving yourself of them really effective and necessary to lose weight? Although it sounds incredible, the answer to the question is a resounding no, the truth is that it is possible to lose weight without removing them from the menu, how? Opting for low-carb foods, find out what they are.

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Carbohydrates that can be eaten without worry

Breads, pastries and sweets are some of the first things that come to mind when hearing the word carbohydrates, when the truth is that the category includes healthy and delicious alternatives that cannot be left out of the daily diet if you want to enjoy good health.

The reason for the limitation is that carbohydrates play a determining role for the body and that is to provide energy in the form of glucose, an element that mainly feeds the brain and nervous system.

The key is to identify those necessary to include in the diet, as well as knowing how to control anxiety when eating them.

Why is it inadvisable to give up all carbohydrates?

When carbohydrates are replaced by proteins, the body is led to what is called ketosis, this implies that the body turns to looking for the energy necessary for its operation in fat reserves.

Although it sounds excellent when the goal is to lose weight, the truth is that these types of regimens are usually only effective in the short term, since most are unable to completely give up carbohydrates, which results in:

- States of discouragement, moodiness and even depression. - Lack of concentration and strength to perform daily tasks. - Pictures of stress and anxiety that tend to end in the well-known "binge-eating". - The dreaded "rebound" effect resulting from excessive protein consumption.

From all this, it is understood the need to bet better on foods with carbohydrates that provide fewer calories, but that fulfill the important function that these elements have for the body.

What carbohydrates are allies to maintain the ideal weight?

If it is about allies of a diet to lose weight, there is no one equal to complex carbohydrates, or what is the same, to those that do not trigger abrupt increases in glucose levels, an effect that characterizes simple carbohydrates that when absorbed quickly, they trigger unevenness in these indices as well as causing hunger in a short time.

Wholemeal rice and pasta: the content of vitamin A and B present in rice is quite high compared to the minimum contribution of fat that its consumption implies, for its part, pasta practically lacks this, each 100 grams is equivalent to just one of fat, with the plus of providing 15% of carbohydrates demanded by the body and its gluten content, generates a feeling of satiety.

Fruits: Regardless of how sweet they are, they are carbohydrates made up of fiber and natural sugar, and can be included without remorse in diets to lose weight.

Cereals: this is another clear example of carbohydrates recommended for weight loss, its multiple vitamins and iron are concentrated to shape versatile ingredients that can be consumed as part of meals, or in delicious shakes.

Wholemeal bread: although it is the classic of diets, its excessive consumption can be counterproductive, in the right amounts, it contributes to maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels, thanks to its blood-purifying action while controlling cholesterol levels.

Oatmeal flakes: the amount of fiber in exchange for low caloric content, is what makes oatmeal the ideal food to consume carbohydrates, in addition to giving the body a feeling of satiety avoiding "snacking" between meals.

Although it is usually recommended together with nuts as a snack, the truth is that the protein and healthy fat content of the latter is not a gain considering the excessive level of calories involved in their intake.

Beans and lentils: while the former are characterized by their protein, mineral and iron content, the latter are high in fiber, representing very productive complex carbohydrates when it comes to dieting.

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Cuáles carbohidratos pueden consumirse
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