Diets with pineapple and papaya

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These two fruits are special if accompanied in common meals, because our body begins a process of digestion quite complicated and exhausting, so you need extra support.

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It is normal that after lunch or dinner you enter a constant feeling of sleep, this is because of what we explained above and when it becomes too excessive or frequent it is necessary to start consuming your food accompanied by antioxidant fruits or vegetables and splitters.

Pineapple provides special enzymes that help digest proteins consumed in any food and if we accompany it with papaya it will facilitate the digestion. But a mixture of these two fruits in a single dish can cause stomach problems, so it is recommended to rotate their uses.

The pineapple for its great water content, it is an effective natural moisturizer and replenishes energies quickly in our body, also when suffering blows it is advisable to consume it, since the increase of cells that work on the blows is increasing and exhausting reason why it is necessary to be hydrated.

Some traditional cultures claim that pineapple has anticancer properties and that the skin is more nutritious than pulp in general.

Papaya gives us different advantages, without needing to be specific, it is one of those fruits that want to serve us for everything and that are special if they are used as complements for other foods, so they are pretty useful healthy food.

How to make a diet with pineapple and papaya?

This diet will work in people who during the following 5 hours to feed themselves with the following menu, do not perform high performance activities such as handling heavy machinery, driving, doing sports or running from one side to another as is the case of the personnel working in the health sector and offices.

At breakfast, it should be replaced by pineapple and papaya. But include one day whole-grain crackers, whole-grain toast and even whole-grain bread. Other days you can mix food with some cereals.

It is advisable not to mix them with honey or milk constantly because it becomes a very powerful natural laxative and can send you to the bathroom more times than normal.

On days when you do not want salads, you can select one of the fruits to make a smoothie or cold juice, accompany it with toast and boiled eggs to gain more energy.

When you feel you are very weak, eat breakfast normally including flour and protein. It's not about doing an extreme diet, it's about going losing weight little by little and in a nice way for you.

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Dietas con piña y papaya
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