Salads with avocados

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In the whole world, avocado is a fruit of vegetable origin, which has large amounts of mono-unsaturated fat, for example, alpha-linolenic acid and oleic acidit tastes a little insipid, but delicious, it helps to improve and maintain good cholesterol, it also allows the control or stabilization of the rhythm or cardiac level.

Without leaving aside the amount of minerals that it has, for a good functioning of the organism.

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The uses of avocado are very varied, in households they use it, not only to prepare delicious salads, creams, snacks, but also as a companion for meals and other uses.

However, in the development of this article you will be commenting on information of the most popular or known way to use it in the kitchen; to prepare delicious salads.

Five salads with avocados:

Avocado salad with Mozzarella cheese

This is a very easy salad and especially quick to make.


Tomatoes (05 units) Mozzarella cheese (approximately half a kilo) Avocados (2 Units) Olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.


Cut the tomatoes into slices, Peel and slice the avocados, then cut the mozzarella cheese into squares or slices.

In a separate container, mix the olive oil with the salt, in a plate or container place the slices of avocado and cheese interspersed, decorating with basil leaves if you want and add the dressing of the oil, you can also use a little of lemon juice if you wish.

Spicy Avocado Salad

For lovers of Mexican food this salad is ideal and easy to prepare. You will only need the following ingredients.


· Avocados (02 units) · Purple Onion (01 unit) · Radishes (06 units) · Egg (01 unit) Lemon (02 units) · Spicy peppers or chiles · Smoked Salmon (100 grams) · Olive oil, salt, cilantro, and pepper to taste.

Preparation of avocado salad.

First boil the egg, then chopped in squares with avocados, onion is chopped into strips or julienne and the radishes into slices or slices.

In a bowl or bowl, all the ingredients are incorporated and mixed, adding salt, oil and lemon juice to taste.

If you want you can grab the amount of chili peppers or spicy chilies you prefer. Garnish with cilantro. Enjoy this delicious salad.

Avocado Salad with Chickpeas

By combining these two ingredients will be increasing the intake of fiber in the body, it is also very nutritious this recipe.


· Chickpea in grains (200 grams). · Tomatoes (02 units). · Avocado (01 unit). · Lettuce to taste. · Cilantro what you consider necessary. · Vinegar and salt to taste.

Preparation of avocado salad.

Lettuce is then washed with vinegar, then placed in the bottom of a container, chopped avocado and diced tomatoes.

Subsequently, these two ingredients are incorporated into the container with the lettuce and the drained chickpeas are also added, decorate with the cilantro if desired.

Salad Marina

This type of salads is beneficial because of its great mineral content, especially for those who love to enjoy marine delicacies, such as mussels.


· Fresh or canned mussels. · Avocados · Cooked egg · Basil leaves. · Pepper and salt to taste.

Preparation of avocado salad.

It proceeds to parboil the mussels and remove them from the shell if they are natural, if they are canned they are also carefully removed from the can and placed in a dish or container, then the egg is sliced, like the avocado.

Then mix the mussels with avocado slices. Salt and pepper are added to taste, and they are mounted on a plate, decorating on top with the egg slices and the basil leaves.

Tuna salad with avocado


· Avocados (02 units). · Cucumber (01 unit). · Canned tuna (01 can). · Onion (01 unit). · Oil, pepper and salt to taste.

Preparation of avocado salad.

The peel is removed from the cucumber and avocado, peeled and chopped into cubes, the onion is cut into thin strips, then in a container the tuna is added and drained and the other ingredients are incorporated and ready to enjoy of this salad delight, if you want you can refrigerate a little.

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