6 recommendations to cure gastritis

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Many people suffer from gastritis, which is characterized by ongoing stomach pain, which is worse at mealtime. It is a pain that produces depression and that people who suffer from it hope to heal quickly. In this article we will review the 6 recommendations to cure gastritis that can relieve pain and contribute to its healing.

6 recommendations to cure gastritis – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Specialist doctor: It is necessary that you attend a consultation with a doctor specialized in gastritis since he can prescribe the correct medications to protect your digestive system. This will allow you to eat and not feel stomach pain because you are protected by the drug.

It is essential that you take the medication for the time indicated and at no time discontinue its use. It is recommended that it be administered on an empty stomach and wait 15 minutes before eating any food.

Avoid drinks: There are some drinks that make the situation worse and do not help cure gastritis. These are coffee, tea, alcohol, sodas, and juices. That is why the doctor advises drinking water during the entire treatment and avoiding the consumption of these drinks since stomach pain will not appear.

Spicy foods: Anything that is spicy should be quickly excluded from the diet as it contributes to heartburn and this aggravates the symptoms of gastritis, making the situation worse. It is very important that you are aware of the ingredients in the meals that you do not prepare at home, since in this way avoid the consumption of spicy foods.

Avoid prolonged fasts: A mistake that many people who suffer from gastritis make is not eating and having an empty stomach. The reason they do it is that when they eat they feel discomfort or pain. However, having an empty stomach increases acid production and this brings pain. To avoid this, it is recommended that you eat 5 meals a day.

Fruits and vegetables: It is very good that you add fruits and vegetables to your diet, however you should bear in mind that there are some that are not so good for gastritis. Among them are citrus fruits, such as grapefruit or orange. All other foods you can eat without any problem.

Stress: In general, gastritis usually manifests itself in people who are stressed or suffer from anxiety. It is common in young people who want to stand out, either academically or in sports. That is why, although it can be very difficult many times, they must be able to relax and avoid any situation that stresses them. In this way they can cure gastritis and prevent it from coming back.

These recommendations, although simple, will help you control and alleviate the symptoms of gastritis. It is a disease that takes time to heal and that often leads to low self-esteem.

However, at no time should you lower your arms since the success of the treatment depends on that and any doubt regarding the consumption of a food or in the presence of a discomfort is important to consult a doctor. With time and care in the food they eat, gastritis will disappear.