Bulimia hurts your smile

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The process of deterioration in dental health is due to an infrequent hygiene or a bad practice of the specialist, but there are cases that an emotional state can be the cause. Bulimia damages your smile, because through vomiting and hydrochloric acids it damages your teeth.

Bulimia hurts your smile – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Bulimia causes damage in the smile

Every person who lives a wrong world, such as bulimia, at the beginning they see it as a dazzling way to lose weight, this inducing vomiting, but the problem is that they do not read the consequences of this and abuse their body.

The point of bulimia is to make them look beautiful and thin, but it is not, since the real point is to see them finished and worn, because they have invested all their vital energy and physical forces in achieving a stale image.

That means that his body is damaged and his way of asking for help from the person who hurts him is to appear outside, in this case the teeth. The same body gets tired of so much abuse and finally it gives as symptom signs of rotting.

This for lack of affection and self-esteem, girls who enter this world are so ashamed of their appearance that they end up killing him.

Teeth are a reflection of the organism and mental health and if they are damaged, they are the ones who reveal who is doing it.

Bulimia hurts your smile – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Why do I have damaged teeth?

In this case we are going to write a cause and it is bulimia, since for other causes they are also damaged. When vomiting is induced, hydrochloric or digestive acids are released, these are the ones that do not take effect at first, because they do not do it often.

When the person vomits frequently, they begin to do their work from the back of the denture, advancing as the person continues with this process. This acid begins by removing the enamel and causing dental erosions to wear them.

Where the decay begins to lodge and populate the denture of the person, there are cases in which from so much vomiting, docking acidic and alkaline foods and ingesting pills to lose weight, the tooth loses its hardness and with ease when inserting the nail or scratching it flakes off.

The increase of the salivary glands, sores on your gums of so much friction that your hands do and on top the acid passes. To this the bad breath is added and for that they chew chewing gum, this finishes ending the life of its teeth.

This is an experience that I witnessed, since the girl with so much pressure and problems, he took pills and this caused his teeth to lose their hardness leaving them soft and easy to peel.

That's why it's not a good idea to take these roads. The people who have lived this, end up with a lot of surgeries, the main one is the denture since a smile if it is kind is the best. For this reason, is that being Mia (Mediocre Unable Active) it is not a good way, none of these weight loss options are lucrative.

In this way you lose everything natural and your own, what can you do? Well, there is, but dental surgery will cost you more than your personal and emotional recovery.

If you stop at the right time, you do not need dental surgery. Just imagine smiling with false teeth, if you are a woman focused, you know that everything that is implants or retouching in the body sooner or later do their job and this is that nothing is forever. Do not let bulimia cause an effect.

This applies to all bad habits that women have for this state emotional called Mia (Mediocre Unable Active), what a pseudo name they have used to be unnoticed, they do not imagine how much energy they spend every time they hate, vomit, insult, hurt, pity, that makes them mediocre.

Bulimia hurts your smile – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Is there a solution for Bulimia?

In advanced cases, yes, dental surgery is the only solution for girls who have reached the extreme. But on the other hand if you are starting in that medium, it is best to stop doing it, since you will end up like the others without energy or natural beauty.

If you think or think you're going to do it for a while and then leave it, i remind you that everything falls under its own weight, that is, not now, if not, at some point your bad habit and disorder come to the surface. So the only thing is to get away from that environment.

Bulimia hurts your smile, yes, but you have the power to push away all the negative and say no, choosing what is best for you to live and smile, with this you understand and understand that it is not a good way to choose this course.