Can you lose weight by taking laxative?

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It is very possible that very few girls have asked the question, can you lose weight by taking laxative? Since they are not interested in the answer because of the fact, they trust what the friends in the complex tell them.

Some years ago i ventured into those incredible possibilities of "Success", To have a safe weight drop, something I never checked at least while doing it, I did not know if it worked or not. This brought me more problems than benefits.

Can you lose weight by taking laxative? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Taking laxative is bad for the stomach

What struck me most was that when taking a laxative, apart from going bad with my stomach and intestines, i had to go through a shameful experience when I did not reach a bath on time, this is not even for the worst enemy.

Finally, with those bad experiences I had to stop taking the well-known laxatives, that the only thing I got was to get sicker, without knowing the tremendous damage that originates. now that I know, I can tell all the girls what they do.

What is the function of the laxative in the stomach?

The laxative is only to accelerate the movement of the intestines, something that only does when it enters the body some type of food in poor condition, therefore, what it does is take out of the body at speed, which faster is better.

With this it is understood that the laxative, what it does is involuntarily accelerate the peristaltic movement, that is, the contraction, in this way evacuate what is in its way. The bad thing is that it does not remove body fat as it is believed.

Consequences of using laxatives

What brings this accelerated movement is liquids that contain essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, resulting in anemia, dizziness, fatigue, depression, weakness that is made more evident by autophagy.

Can you lose weight by taking laxative? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Now, what is autophagy? in simple words is what is known to "eat yourself" clear that it can be used in several ways but in this case, the lack of food, the brain seeks the way to eat.

What he finds is that there are enough proteins in his muscles, so he orders his body to feed from there, he does it without loss of time, that is why the weight loss is dangerous, reaching extreme weakness.

Now, the weight loss does not occur in the loss of body fat, because that's still there, but muscle mass does not. Laxatives are supposed to lose weight but not by idea. Years ago I met a lady who died of laxatives prescribed by doctors.

You can dehydrate

There are cases in which the laxative has another compound, which increases the water secretion in the intestine, so that more water comes out of the body. In this way you can dehydrate more quickly.

This way you can not leave the house with the risk of fainting, or that you fall out of there due to diarrhea. The point in this is that for nothing in the world the laxative can make a girl lose weight.

Your intestines will create a need for the laxative to work

However, this has become an urban legend, that nobody wants to know the reasons but what he does, without having any truth, but as is well known, a lie said 100 times ends up believing that it is true.

Worst of all is that everyone who becomes laxative as their shadow, the intestines become vague, over time you can not defecate if you do not take a laxative and this is for life, at least that is known so far.

With this can you lose weight by taking laxative? Absolutely not.