Does being the fat one of the group have disadvantages?

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Everything will depend on how you see it, therefore being fat does not have any inconvenience always and you see it that way, but what happens when presenting a meeting with friends and notes that you are different from the rest of the group, you look fat and from there the question is born does being the fat one of the group have disadvantages?

The answer that you must give yourself, you must get from within, because only you are the one you feel and not those who accompany you in the meeting. No girl should be alert about the looks of the people around her.

Does being the fat one of the group have disadvantages? – Wellness and Health

Are you sure they are disadvantages?

Before proceeding we must define what is a disadvantage, what experts say: Characteristic that makes a person, thing or situation worse than another with which it is compared.

According to this explanation, you have the right to win. Now, Why a fat girl has to win? It is because no one who is in his trial can be placed in a seat, which exposes or is easy target for people who suffer from their own complexes.

Take into account that having a disadvantage as a person has to be worse than those around you and that's not the point of a fat girl, your point is to be a person equal or better than others without belittling anyone.

Everyone should know that the disadvantages are created by those who feel less that others, they need something, someone or the environment to feel good about themselves. By having a clay base they believe that everything is excellent.

In this way they qualify or denigrate people who believe that they are not from their group, although there are cases in which they let someone, to say a fat girl is part of their group, because they know they need to feed on that person's fear.

Of course they do not do it thinking about doing harm, they do it because their unconscious tells them that this is how it should be, they simply act. This is why they react like this with people who think they do not fit into their world.

Does being the fat one of the group have disadvantages? – Wellness and Health

Does a fat girl have disadvantages?

Of course not, remember that the disadvantage is created by the person who has problems with himself, in this case, you fat girl who loves you has no disadvantage, unless you see yourself, feel that you have it.

This is solved only when you realize that you do not need the people who are in the group, who look at you with disadvantages. Which means that you will leave without problems without resentment and worse I hate them.

Of course you have many options, what can be one of them is to study with attention, the details of attitude of each of the people who make your life a party, but for them and not for you.

In this way, you will know who they really are. The observation must be neutral so that your feelings do not deceive you, and make you see something that is not.

Watch calmly and when you have enough, you say it on your face.

Does being the fat one of the group have disadvantages? – Wellness and Health

Fear is a double-edged sword

Remember that for this action you should not be afraid because it is a double-edged sword, if you show fear by saying the truths of that person, it can be reversed and it is worse. For this you must be sure.

There is a high percentage that when you realize who you are, you will know that they are not as they imply based on the complexes of others, they are puppets inflated by their ego that if you knock down their mud bases, they fall down alone and even respect you.

Having a personality does not mean that you create something without having the main base, so that your main base is safe you must culturizarte, for this you must read a lot, study, learn that nobody can beat you because your words have strength based on what you know.