How to have friends being fat?

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Having friendship becomes a real dilemma, because of this many chubby girls ask themselves the question, how to have friends being fat? It is easy when you have everything in your favor, but when it is not, it becomes a bit difficult.

Having friends is not easy and worse if you are in a territory where the complexes, the shame and even the lack of personality, is what dominates most in youth. When you realize where it is, the healthiest thing is to get out of there.

How to have friends being fat? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Now if you can not, there is an ideal way in which they will not force you to stay in their group, tell them that you learned the psalms of the Bible and that they have realized that they need you to dictate them.

When they listen to you they will not want to stay a minute more by your side, that way you will get away, even if you think that, being a fat girl, nobody will want to be your friend. That's just an idea created through your friends.

Now you must bear in mind that friends do not choose you, the one who does that work is yourself, just that to do it you must know very well who you are as a person, not the one you see superficially in the mirror.

What should be done?

1. Know who you are

It is essential that you know who you really are, this is given so that over time you can recognize people who are not in your frequency. Many times we get carried away by what we see, based on what our friends tell us.

2. Not to notice that you are looking for friendship

When you go out to the street, whether you go to the cinema, shopping center or just to a park, do not look at men with eagerness that they match the look, do not even pay attention to what they do.

How to have friends being fat? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

3. Learn to walk

It is essential that you know how to walk with a little wiggle, do not exaggerate that if you are very fat you will see ridiculous, not for you but there are boys who are very stupid and with the slightest reason, they will have a party, do not give reason.

4. If someone approaches you do not care

This is that, if you are somewhere, whatever you do, do not look at it directly, you only do it if necessary. This is done so that the boy who looks at you is intrigued, seeing that you do not give importance.

This may result in them leaving, but over time the question will be asked, who is that girl? They will not notice your fat, but in the indifference that you give them because nobody supports being treated with indifference.

5. You must be an intellectual

In this case not only look, but you really should be, so to see you so you must always carry a book of something you like, this because if someone asks you what you read and can not answer, you will be like worst.

How to have friends being fat? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

6. Dress well

I do not mean that it is luxury or that it is new clothes, but it must be very clean and ironed if it is required, in this way you will be seen as someone well cared for. It's in bad taste for a fat girl to be very cute ugly eyes. In total, never try to draw attention without having bases that sustain an image, which is to be assumed that gives the boys want you as a friend.

Friendship is wonderful when it is true, but that must be cultivated, do not forget it.