Can you be fat, hairy and happy?

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It is surprising that this type of question should be asked in our current society, can we be happy being fat and hairy? To answer this question I will use another:

Is it necessary for women to do exactly what the "norm of life" says?

So why could not I be happy?

No one is feeling the same as another person to judge her so she can not say this and that, if only the fact of wanting to be happy being fat bothers many people including the family itself in most cases.

Can you be fat, hairy and happy? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Now, suddenly and when I entered adolescence I find out that there are such fine threads, that over time they become branches of jungles, dof course, I mean bodily hair that for many (men) are wild hairs.

Of course, they are points of view based on ignorance, why? Because I assure you that many of them (I think more than 90%) do not know from when the man cuts his beard, but nevertheless they do it with the pretext of masculine beauty.

Why do men wax?

If they knew that it all started with some animals called lice, since before the Second World War having a beard was synonymous with being manly.

Now if you see a man with a beard is synonymous with rebellion and for a woman somewhat uncomfortable or dirty.

There are men who wax because they are convinced that they are more beautiful or pretty (as a friend would say) but that gives the same thought to have to submit to what others say.

Do not forget that they are points of view that for the evil of a woman, they are not welcome but nevertheless many of us have the weakness, although I think that more is for fear of not being accepted, that we are with the dilemma of being or not as they say.

I think that this is because many do not have the habit of reading, they do not investigate about the why of things, in some cases they suffer without knowing that there are other options, which are at hand but do not arrive alone because look for them

Can you be fat, hairy and happy? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Fat, hairy and happy. Who says no?

I'm not going to deny that my armpits have no mercy or my nose, because I live in a very hot climate and as much as I want to be cool, you can not because I do not live on income but I do everything possible, because let out that dragon.

For this reason is that in my armpits if I cut the hair but not flush, a little. For the rest I'm worth a piece of Nibiru stone, which I do not know what it is or where it is.

I am pleased to know that only the people who truly love me are by my side.

There was a time when I worried because my boyfriend (the one on duty) to whom I threw him so far, because he put me in the dilemma of choosing, "You blow everything away or I go "What do you think I chose?

Of course he did not believe what I said because I love him, but that was until I realized his complexes and so I do not go anywhere.

The one I have now asked me, are you happy as you are? I said yes and it was not anymore, until now it is with me.

Can you be fat, hairy and happy? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Can you be natural being hairy and fat?

If you can, but to have the effect of naturalness, you must be very aware of what you know about what you do, why do you want to be happy being fat and hairy? At least I found many reasons and the one that sends is peace with me.

Something that many girls do not get because they are subject to what others say, this does not mean that they do what they want, it is to break the domination of male thought, which many use without knowing why.

With this, why the hairy man is manly? does not this man sweat and stink? However, it is not frowned upon, but in a woman, I do not think that women can be the same as men, just because they have something that hangs.

A girl can be as she wants and who does not seem beautiful, then buy a doll and put it as he likes. Do you know what happens with women who always shave?

That after 30 years and perhaps less cannon go to the extreme that the man, who lived under an illusion, rejects it even if he does not tell you because that woman because of her years, she does not care what others say and for that reason, Long hair down to the ears!