Data that you did not know about roasting and the intensity of coffee

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Many people often confuse roasting coffee with its intensity. Perhaps because many believe that a well-roasted coffee will ultimately be a bitter and very strong coffee.

Which is just the opposite, in general when the coffees are very bitter, the natural flavor of the bean is surpassed by the new tastes and sensations generated by the roasting, which leads to the coffee being less acidic.

Data that you did not know about roasting and the intensity of coffee

But for this, we will delve a little more about what roasting in coffee really means and the intensity of coffee, two aspects that are different from each other and that it is important to know in order to better understand what the flavor and taste it will finally have the coffee served in the cup.

What roast of coffee can one give that is more intense or purer?

Now, to begin with, it is important to point out that a light roast is the one that modifies the flavor of the original coffee the least, so a coffee that is lightly roasted will result in a bitter taste.

For most people who are fans of coffee, this type of coffee is the purest and most authentic they can taste from the roasted beans.

But when it comes to roasting that is medium-dark or totally dark, things change, since roasting modifies the beans in such a way that in the end, the caffeine and acidity of the coffee are strongly reduced in its flavor.

Many prefer this type of roast because the drinks are more aromatic, with smoky touches and sweeter.

Some factors that influence the intensity that the coffee will have

There are many factors that can cause a coffee to be more intense or not, than just roasting. You have to be attentive to the preparation and processes such as grinding.

Grinding that is fine: When the process of converting the bean into powder is done, it is of great importance to assess the intensity of the coffee. So the coarse grinding facilitates the passage of water, making the drink come out quickly without retaining the properties of the grain and coming out smoother.

On the other hand, in fine grinding, the water does not pass so quickly so the infusion falls drop by drop and this is where all the essences and properties of coffee are extracted. Being in this case that the coffee is very bitter.

Prepared with a small amount of water: The amount of water used in making coffee will affect the intensity of a coffee.

How to give a customer a smooth coffee and surprise him?

If you want to surprise a customer by giving him a smooth coffee, the best way to do it is to prepare a coffee grown under shade. Since coffee trees that are grown under the shade of other trees, they offer beans that have less caffeine and less acidity.

This is due to the fact that the coffee bush is protected from the sun's rays and the maturation of its beans is slower.