Diet to lose weight 10 kilos

Cristian García
4 min read

Losing weight is something that almost everyone has proposed throughout our lives. To make it, you only need to follow a certain lifestyle and comply with a low-calorie diet. Here we are going to show you a diet to lose 10 kilos quickly.

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Remember follow all the recommendations and instructions that we will be indicating so you can lose those extra kilos. We are going to present a very flexible food plan, although, always, you must comply with all the restrictions of this diet.

These diets are based on professional plans of pages such as Alimmenta and Axa Health Keeper. Keep reading and do not overlook any of the indications about this wonderful diet to lose 10 kilos quickly.

Permitted foods to lose weight 10 kilos

Like any diet, there are certain foods that are strictly forbidden to consume. Therefore, look at the list of those foods and ingredients allowed:

Dairy products

It is recommended all types of skimmed products and vegetable drinks high in calcium.


All kinds of fruits are allowed, just remember to moderate them to a maximum of 3 a day. They are excellent for eating between meals or to satisfy hunger.


  • Eggs: maximum 4 a week.

  • Fish: try replacing the meat with the fish. It is advisable to eat 3 times a week whitefish and at least 2 times bluefish.

  • Meats: Maximum 2 times a week red meat and it is advisable to only consume white meat.

  • Seafood: they are accepted as a white fish alternative.

Cereals, pulses and tubers

It is recommended to consume a maximum fist for each meal. Remember that they are the source of energy in our body, so you can not leave them aside.

It is recommended to opt for integral options and products that are not refined, such as flours.

Weight Loss Menu 10 Kilos

The daily menu you can create it yourself, without spending your morsels and calorie consumption. See a correct distribution of meals below:


You can have a coffee or tea with skim milk, accompanied by two toasts of whole wheat bread with turkey ham or low-fat cheese.


Fruits (kiwi or pineapple) or skimmed yogurt.


Cream of zucchini, chicken or grilled tuna, mashed vegetables or baked potato, and skimmed yogurt.

Mid afternoon

Banana or skimmed yogurt.


Portion of brown rice, green salad, salmon or boiled egg and a skimmed yogurt.

Healthy habits to follow to lose weight 10 kilos

In order to lose weight, you also have to meet some recommendations and make some changes in our lifestyle. The main ones that we recommend to comply with are:

  • To practice exercise at least 3 times a day. You can do activities of any kind like gymnastics, cardio and even swimming.

  • Drink more than two liters of water a day.

  • Avoid eating chips and foods high in sugars. Limit those times when you want to get out of the diet.

  • Remember to be patient and always follow the diet mentioned above. The results are not immediate and it may take several months to notice the difference.

How long will it take me to lose 10 kilos with this diet?

A healthy weight loss occurs when you lose about 0.5kg a week. Therefore, if you follow this diet and change the bad habits you may have, in less than 5 months you will achieve the slender body you so desire.

Remember that it is a process that requires perseverance and discipline. You should not leave at any time, much less when you reach your results. If you continue with a poor diet and unhealthy habits, then you will return to the weight you had at the beginning.