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The infructescences are some of the foods most consumed by people, thanks to its delicious flavors and its excellent health benefit. Sorosis is perhaps the most famous infrucence today.

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Here we are going to talk about everything you need to know about sorosis, as from why they are indispensable for our organism as well as all their characteristics.

What is sorosis?

Sorosis is a compound fruit that has a fleshy structure (which corresponds to the perianth of the flower). In addition, it is made up of a set of crowded carpels and it is covered by an epicarp.

The appearance of sorosis is a unique fruit, although it really corresponds to the crowding of an extensive amount of fruits. On some occasions, it also participates or make them another part of the flower.

In this way, it is observed that the sorosis are not a determined compound fruit and it is not necessary that they are generated from a tree or a bush, since they can come from any type of vegetation. Everything is determined by ovulation and disposition in the stem of the same.

Properties of sorosis

This infructescence has different characteristics or properties, depending on the type of sorosis that we speak. In this way, these composite fruits are the same as fruits, where each of them have variable properties.

Look at the properties of the most famous sorosis below.

Properties of the cherimoya

This tropical compound fruit it is characterized by having a fairly thick protective layer, although inside it has a very delicious pulp. Its origin was in Peru close to the third century.

This infrutescence is characterized by its high content of glucose, carbohydrates and fructose, being a food that contributes great amount of energy to our organism.

This composite fruit also has a large amount of vitamins belonging to group B, vitamin C, iron, calcium and potassium. For all this, it allows to strengthen the bones and fight some diseases such as anemia.

In addition, this infrutescence is high in fiber and digestive enzymes that help improve digestion and regulate bacterial flora and intestinal transit.

Properties of the pineapple

The pineapple is, perhaps, the most famous sorosis that can exist. we consume it all and its harvest is extensive every year. His name is of Brazilian origin, which has the meaning of "delicious fruit".

This composite fruit it is high in water, which is why it is useful to include it in the diets and to give a feeling of fullness. In addition, it allows you to hydrate and maintain your body healthy.

The pineapple is rich in vitamin A, B1, C and in folic acid. All this make him serve as a medicine and also helps to cure the cold. In addition, it serves as an antioxidant and can fight free radicals.

In addition, this infrutescence it is high in fiber that helps purify the body. Also, it serves as an anti-inflammatory, helping to avoid problems such as arthritis and rheumatic conditions.

Properties of arrears

The default can be a quite varied sorosis, since it can be originated by several plants. Even so, we will try to give you a list of almost invariable properties in this famous food.

This composite fruit consists of a large amount of fiber, iron, vitamin C and K, and protein. Therefore, all this favors to strengthen our body and avoid all kinds of viral diseases.

This infructescence also it has high antioxidant properties, like resveratrol, which allows our body to expel all kinds of toxins and helps us prevent various diseases such as cancer.

Another benefit of default is that allows to control blood levels in our body, being effective to avoid diseases such as diabetes. In addition, it provides healthy glucose to our body.

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