How does the temperature of the coffee affect its properties?

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It is important to clarify and disprove those myths, in which many people have fallen on the temperature that coffee should have and how it affects its properties, it is important to know what happens if we drink hot or cold coffee and how this affects the nutrients that this owns.

Regardless of the temperature of the coffee, it is important to note that vitamins and minerals are always going to be in that cup of coffee.

How does the temperature of the coffee affect its properties?

It is important to clarify some points, especially those that say that some benefits that coffee brings can be repowered by making it cold and in what way the temperature influences the properties of the coffee.

Attributes of coffee that resist high temperatures

Coffee owes its popularity not only to the fact that it is versatile and has an exquisite flavor, but also that taking it in a balanced way can become one of the healthiest beverages; These would be its best qualities at high temperatures:

Lower the chance of getting type II diabetes.

Up to 30 types of antioxidants can be found that help to substantially delay aging.

Caffeine can help improve performance, strengthen memory and promote concentration.

It can significantly lower your chances of having neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

The properties of coffee at low temperatures

When the coffee is prepared with water at room temperature or cold, the beans are not as affected as in their counterpart; since none of its values is deteriorated.

In the same way, the most advisable thing is after having the coffee extracted in water, refrigerating it and then being able to enjoy all the positive elements it has, which we will detail below:

When drinking a cold coffee, the contribution in hydration will be really great.

Caffeine can help improve depressive processes, especially if it is taken cold because humans relate cold to enjoyment.

Drinking cold coffee during exercise can be a complement to exercise as it helps burn more calories.

For those who have a delicate stomach, cold coffee will have less acid, so it will sit much better.

Benefits of hot coffee

Hot coffee helps to withstand the high temperatures of summer, because it increases the temperature of the body and therefore favors perspiration, thus causing an automatic cooling process in the body.

This will only work if the humidity is low in the environment, otherwise it will not evaporate.

Now, whether it is drunk hot or cold, because of its bitterness or sweetness. It is important to note that the coffee should be served at a temperature of 70 and 80 degrees, letting it warm for a few minutes until it reaches 50 degrees.

This is essential, because the World Health Organization has recommended that beverages that are extremely hot can seriously affect the health of the body.