How Healthy Is The Stick Diet?

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When we talk about the sticky diet we refer to a diet designed by Dr. Hyman. It is designed to have an anti-inflammatory and regulating effect on blood sugar. All of this in order to achieve various goals such as promoting weight loss, reducing anxiety and stress, preventing diabetes, and more.

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What is the Sticky Diet?

As we mentioned, the paste diet was developed by the American nutritionist named Mark Hyman. It takes the main idea of the paleo diet, which is basically not to consume processed foods of any kind.

Combining the vegan diet, which is in which foods of plant origin are consumed. The latter being the protagonists of this diet.

It is important to mention that in the paleo diet, you should not only consume foods like those consumed by our ancestors. But they should also be consumed as they did. It is also about consuming them in the same way that they did.

Now it is about not consuming processed foods of any kind. Among them, refined, fried foods, sausages, etc. While in the foods that provide vegetable proteins, we have the sprouts of legumes, nuts, seeds and protein isolates.

We must indicate that in this case the consumption of legumes, cereals, dairy products or derivatives is not allowed. At the same time, foods of animal origin are excluded.

Is The Stick Diet Healthy?

The diet sticks if it is healthy, in fact it has certain benefits for our health. We must bear in mind that this diet does not exclude essential foods for the body at all.

Because of this our body can stay healthy and function well.

To better understand the aforementioned, we will talk a little about the benefits of following a diet like this;

Helps to lose weight ; This is one of the types of diets to lose weight that allows you to maintain a healthy weight.

Reduces cholesterol l; Thanks to this characteristic, the risk of cardiovascular diseases can be considerably reduced. On the other hand, it improves inflammation as it provides omega-3s.

Low toxicity ; Because the diet stick, is based on the consumption of organic food, there is low toxicity.

Maintains blood glucose and insulin levels ; One of the main benefits of this diet is related to insulin and glucose levels. This is because this diet has a low glycemic load.