How to control cholesterol

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Cholesterol is that fat that is found in the body that can clog the arteries, causing heart disease. This fat can be generated by the body itself and also by the food we eat.

In the following article we will give you several options to control it.

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Cholesterol control #1 Ingredients: Flax seeds

Preparation: For this remedy, you will only need to add one to two teaspoons of flax seeds to your meals, juices, soups.

Cholesterol control #2 Ingredients: Artichoke

Preparation: The artichoke should be cooked in boiling water for about 40 minutes over low heat, once cooked, proceed to eat.

Cholesterol control #3 Ingredients: Cucumbers and parsley

Preparation: Take a cucumber, a handful of parsley and blend with very little water. Once ready, strain if necessary. Drink the shake immediately.

Cholesterol control #4 Ingredients: Tea mate

Preparation: It will boil 4 tablespoons of tea mate in a liter of water, for about 20 minutes, once the infusion is ready, remove from heat, let stand and then strain. Drink then while you are warm.

Cholesterol control #5 Ingredients: Fenugreek tea

Preparation: Boil a tablespoon of seeds of this plant in 500 ml of water, for about 10 minutes. When it has boiled, it is removed from the fire, once it has settled, it is strained and proceeds to take the infusion. Do not add sweetener.

Cholesterol control #6 Ingredients: Rice water

Preparation: Take two cups of rice and put them to soak overnight, inside the refrigerator. In the morning proceed to drink it, do it three times a day.

Cholesterol control #7 Ingredients: Aloe vera or aloe vera

Preparation: Get a penis of aloe vera or aloe and extract the glass. Then pass it through the blender until it is completely crushed, add a little water and drink next.

Cholesterol control #8 Ingredients: Oats, water and brown sugar

Preparation: Pour three spoonfuls of oatmeal in flakes or powder in a liter of water, stir, add a little honey or brown sugar (optional) and then drink. It is recommended to take refrigerated.

Cholesterol control #9 Ingredients: Milk thistle

Preparation: Add three tablespoons of milk thistle in 500ml and boil, once the infusion is ready, remove from heat. Take when it is lukewarm, do not sweeten.

Cholesterol control #10 Ingredients: Dandelion

Preparation: Boil a handful of dried leaves of dandelion in 500 ml of water, strain, let stand and drink two to three times a day.

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