How to eat a high protein diet?

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Food is obviously one of the most important points to stay healthy, in this case we will focus on the high protein diet. Where only proteins of animal origin are consumed, without including some type of fiber and the contribution of carbohydrates considerably decreases.

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What is a high protein diet?

As we indicate a diet with a lot of proteins, it is basically a style of eating where the consumption of proteins of natural origin is increased. But apart from consuming much more protein, the consumption of other foods is reduced.

This is a diet that currently has created a lot of controversy since increasing protein consumption can have a negative impact on our health. However, there is still nothing clear about the effects of this diet in people.

How to eat a high protein diet?

If we want to carry this type of diet it is important to take into account some basic aspects of it. To begin with, we must know which are the foods that provide protein. Keep in mind that these are generally those of animal origin, that is, meat, fish, chicken, cheese, etc. But we also have legumes and nuts that are also a source of protein.

When we take the aforementioned into account, we must proceed to determine what our needs are. We must bear in mind that this diet exceeds the recommendations in the consumption of normal meat. The latter being 0.8g / kg / day.

Finally, we must find a balance, since only consuming proteins of animal origin causes health problems. In this sense, you should also eat proteins of vegetable origin, which you must combine with carbohydrates, to obtain proteins and fibers.

Consequences of excessive protein consumption

As we have already mentioned, excessive consumption of animal protein is not so healthy for people. We must bear in mind that if there is an excess of protein, the body will not have the capacity to store it.

Due to this, our body has no choice but to eliminate them, which causes alteration in a person's metabolism. This is because it lowers its pH and overloads some vital organs, which is done as a way to counteract the low pH and the elimination of catabolites.