What happens if I vomit to lose weight?

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Undoubtedly, if you have in mind a means to lose weight as is vomiting, it is because someone told you, at least I did not know that by that method (you can call it that) you could lose weight, but it has The doubt has arrived.

What happens if I vomit to lose weight? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Problems caused by vomiting to lose weight

For this doubt is that I started to investigate the vomit, what I found scared me more than a possible illness.

What generated me the most doubt was, what happens if I vomit to lose weight? of course, the main thing is to lose weight.

Yes, but what happens and that's why it turns out that for a few kilos, you get your life in very serious trouble.

Vomiting means that you do not have the necessary nutrients, it makes your larynx narrow by a simple reaction to not return what serves you.

Without leaving aside that therefore you return or vomit, your stomach has gastric juice for the emotional state, for the shocking moment you live in that moment, which by not having to vomit and you think that if you have something yet, this juice comes out.

Damage to your teeth that causes stomach gastric juice

You may not realize it but it feels something like sour or bitter, this is known to all people who drink liquor and excess, tend to vomit or even without being very drunk, as they do not have the same habit vomit.

If you get to have an unhealthy habit of going to the bathroom every time you eat, of course to vomit, apart from losing weight, get sick from the lack of energy, nutrients and by the loss of natural defenses (Because of your altered emotional state) your teeth fall.

The truth is that they just fall down, at least not literally, but it's like they fell because of so much vomiting, the gastric juice of the stomach is so acidic that having contact with the tooth, the enamel undergoes a corrosion to the end that fall apart.

They are falling apart, they get so weak that with the nail comes the enamel that were small cascaritas. If it were just that, there would be no problems since everyone does what they want with their body, but it's not just that, behind there are some people who go wrong.

What happens if I vomit to lose weight? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The people who are by your side love you

The result is because you live as a girl, you do not live far from the world, you want or there are not people who are by your side, who love you and love you but because of their attitudes they feel what you do not want to admit, you are in a real emotional problem.

Well, everything is based on that, your emotional state that has stopped working coherently, this is why your attitude has changed and of course, in general you are not to blame, but you have the decision to stop and think without having to stand on either side.

This is to think intelligently, put things in the rightful place and realize, if you have a logical and strong reason for you to submit, to the advice of girls who suffer from lack of understanding, complex excess.

Of course she is not to blame either because this comes from home, what did they teach her? OR what happened to him so that he thinks that without having a skeletal body he can not get where he wants to go? this class of girls, suffer from inside but outside say they are happy.

Nothing prevents you from being happy

If you are a girl who thinks, realize that there is nothing better than eating with pleasure, without having to get to the excess, this is that you should only do when your body needs it, the body asks when you should eat, then eat what you want but at the right time.

Nothing prevents you from being happy, Why ruin your emotional tranquility for a few extra pounds? There are many important things that can be done, remember that if you do not have capacity in something, you can compensate it with something else.

Now, what happens if I vomit to lose weight? Simple, it takes you to the grave. Smile, life is beautiful.