Accept that I'm fat?

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I am fat and what, it is a phrase of the most sensible thing that a woman can say before the others.

You may say it forced by the circumstances but you can also say it because you realize that it is only her decision to feel good and not others, now of course there is also the remote possibility that you do not care about anything .

Accept that I'm fat? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Accept yourself as you are

It is not easy to accept yourself as it is, because everything depends on what you learned in your life, at least, usually a person is not to blame for what he does with his life, if the life he led in their environment is what made her act in this way, nobody is born with default attitudes.

Reaction to a criticism for being fat

To react in a strong way to a criticism for being fat, is the result of what he learned, that is, someone taught him to respond and that someone gave that guide based on his life, which is nothing more than defending against an attack.

It is very likely that the fat person does not even bother to be like that but as they taught him "Defend yourself" reacts without thinking twice.

This means that every time you hear a criticism, you will react more effectively because your mind associates and relates every word that has to do with the person who has a few extra pounds.

Actually, before anyone thought that being a fat woman was bad, it was more in other times was synonymous with wealth.

You could not see in a house that the members are thin or skinny, worse if in that home they have a dog of the same build as the owners, this was a clear example that something was happening in that house and it is fixed that it was for lack of money, at least in those times was to be embarrassed and nobody wanted it.

Even in certain regions of Africa I still know that they take great care that women do not lose weight because the comments fly, of course they are all negative, do you think that a thin woman would live well in those regions? I think it would have the same result as it is on these sides, bad looks.

Accept that I'm fat? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Do not be guided by what others think

I'm fat and what, is the best a woman can say as long as it comes out of her personal feeling, this without grief or internal strife for which many are guided.

Everything has a solution, either to lose weight, to stay as it is, to gain weight since some are too thin.

The best thing of all is that you can also make the fat woman feel good with her as she is, without having to ask opinions of people who are fake of thoughts and words full of complexes, who believe they are the sun of society even though the fund knows that it is not like that, this is because of the ego.

When someone tells you they're fat, do not think to answer, just say "I'm fat and what".