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Fruits are very rich and healthy foods that can not be missing in our homes, which is why we usually buy them without thinking twice. But there are some foods that we usually call fruit, but that really are infrutescences.

Here we are going to talk about why some fruits are called wrongly in this way, when they really correspond to a group that is given the name of infructescence. Further, you will find out about all kinds of information about these foods.

What is the infructescence?

The infructescence is the process of fertilization of a compact inflorescence or the ovule of certain flowers. In this way, the infructescence is considered as the adhesion or crowding of fruits that give the impression of being one.

Because of all this, the infructescence it is often confused with a fruit due to the impression it causes at first sight, although it really is a union of fruits. In this way, it is advisable to use the name that corresponds to them.

What is the difference between infrutescence and fruit?

As has been explained, it can be concluded that the fruit is a unique element that corresponds to the ovaries of a flower when it has reached maturity. Inside it houses the well-known seed.

On the other hand, the infrutescence corresponds to the result of fertilization of inflorescence, which generates a set of fruit packed together. In this way, a receptacle is usually formed to protect them.

In this way, it is observed that the difference between the fruit and the infrutescence lies mainly in the quantity and properties. A fruit is individual and corresponds to the maturity of the ovaries of the flower, while the infructescence is given by a grouping of fruits.

How is infrutescence sown?

To sow the infructescence you only need to open it and remove the seeds that we will use for planting. In this way, then it is only necessary to have a land and the necessary materials to generate the harvest.

Types of infructescence

There are multiple types of infructescence that are divided depending on their characteristics. Here we will show you and we will detail each of these.


They are characterized by have a receptacle in rounded form, for being hollow inside and for having an opening called ostiolo (in apical form).

These infrutescences they are coated like an epicarp. Even so, when you open them, you can see the very structure of the fruits that are coupled and joined together.

The fig is a syconium that harbors its fruits inside the receptacle. In addition, this infrucence has its flowers hidden inside it. The flowers are those that develop the achene that is considered as the real fruit of the fig.


It is characterized by have a fleshy receptacle that allows to protect all the fruit that lodges in its interior. The thalamus is concave and somewhat swollen.

The main example of this type of infructescence is the dogrose, coming from the rose bush.


It is said of the formation of a set of fruits, of the achene type, on the outside or at one end of the flower itself. As for its receptacle, it is fleshy.

The main infrucence is the strawberry, being one of the most harvested and the most purchased all over the world.

What are the most common infrutescences?

There is an extensive amount of infructescence that we usually eat or use in all kinds of daily culinary activities. Perhaps the best known are the pineapple and strawberry, being the most purchased today.

There are other infructescences, perhaps not as well known as is the case of figs and dogrose.

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