Is it difficult to quit smoking?

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The fight to quit smoking is very tough and many times people try but cannot quit. This article is dedicated to those people who have been without smoking for a few days or who are thinking about quitting, so that they can find out what will happen on the first day of their lives without smoking.

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Concentration: When you quit smoking you will be constantly thinking about cigarettes. Any activity you do will remind you of your life as a smoker and this will cause you to not be able to concentrate properly.

Our advice is that you avoid thinking about cigarettes, either by doing some activity that distracts you. After a few weeks you will forget completely and your concentration will increase as your brain will be more oxygenated.

Temptation: When you are in a social event or perhaps in the solitude of your home, you feel like smoking a cigarette. You will think that you are stronger and that a single cigarette will not cause you to smoke again, however this is incorrect.

Studies reveal that if a person tries a cigarette again there is a 90% chance that they will relapse into addiction.

Cough: People who quit smoking soon suffer from a strong cough for a few weeks. Many of them worry thinking that they suffer from some disease, however it is the opposite, the body is in the process of removing everything that tobacco left behind. If you have doubts you can consult a doctor, but it is a normal process that will go away quickly.

Time: Surely you will have a relapse and want to throw everything away. The important thing is that you keep in mind that this process takes time and requires you to be interested in quitting.

If you made it your goal to quit smoking, start today and over time you will realize how beneficial it is for your health. If you have difficulty and think that you cannot alone, go to a medical consultation, to a group of ex-smokers or ask a friend for help.

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