Lose weight in menopause

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Foods to lose weight in menopause. one of the problems that most women face is menopause, even when there is no specific age, usually at the age of forty. The first symptoms are already beginning to manifest.

By virtue of the importance of this topic, below, we explain important aspects to face this stage with the best security conditions, following useful tips or easy to apply.

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Menopause is a normal or natural process in all women, some experience it at an early age and others after 50 years. However, if you are going through or not through problems at this stage it is important to take care of food.

Much of the depressions during menopause, it is due to excess weight and lack of self-esteem. in addition, this is a stage where more should be taken care of what the woman consumes to maintain a healthy and healthy body, avoiding even more serious problems.

Below are some foods that can help you maintain an acceptable weight and a healthy body.

Recommended foods

Tuna, salmon, fresh blue fish

Always have some fat in the body and more at this age will be necessary, but healthy fats that provide omega 3, and not harmful fats should be ingested. Healthy or saturated fats are necessary in the menopause stage but not in excess.

Omega 3

It is contained in fish, as mentioned above, but it is also important to consume good fats from nuts, eggs, soybeans, flax seeds, among others.


This ingredient is important because when you enter this stage the body begins to minimize the levels of progesterone and estrogen, which increases the anxiety for wanting to eat sweet things.

On the other hand, constant changes of humor begin to manifest, due to the low levels of serotonin, substance responsible for defining the mood of the people, this also creates anxiety and with it you start to gain unwanted weight.

A way of not falling into temptations, is replacing the consumption of sugar with honey or other more natural sweeteners, that cause the least damage to the body to prevent other diseases.


Product of low estrogen levels it is caused by imbalances or inadequate moods, which often lead to wanting to eat in excess to counteract this affliction.

The food rich in soy contain phytoestrogens that help control these anxiety states.

Whole grains

As some women already know, during this stage the metabolism becomes a little slower to digest food which often makes people fatten more easily eat grain it is very healthy because of the contribution of fiber.

Another way to eat it is to eat vegetables, fresh fruits, oats, brown rice, cereals, barley, among others. All these foods are ideal to keep the body healthy at this stage.

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