How to make a healthy diet?

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Know the reasons for failure in your diet. In most cases, diet regimens usually give excellent results in the first few days. However, with the passage of time and facing the ideal weight the balance tends to stagnate, and even, to recover alarmingly, the kilos lost. what is the reason for this failure? How to make a healthy diet? uncover below.

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Why diets lose weight?

Dieting is not stop eating, it is an action that demands a demanding protocol.

Losing weight requires knowing how to identify the reasons that prevent following a regime and find solutions. Most of the suggested diets encourage the consumption of processed foods and low calories, causing the lack of essential nutrients that prevent them from being prolonged in the long term. The result? the first cause of failure, this follows:

You do not learn to eat healthy

Another recurring error at the time of dieting is to deceive the body at the expense of its central nervous system or health, instead of focusing the effort on optimizing its natural functioning giving it a constant flow of pleasurable food that will provide energy and vitality in a healthy way .

In simpler words, include the right ingredients in the diet and ingest them in the necessary amounts.

Depriving yourself of healthy fats

The imbalance in the consumption of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, leads to an inevitable consequence, the increase in the intake of unhealthy fats, a factor directly linked to obesity.

In addition to the need to consume approximately the same amount of both, the deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids induces hunger, since the body does not receive the quantities required for its functioning, giving rise to the common binge eating.

Avoid deficiencies in calories

Closely linked to the previous points, when dieting the body is deprived of receiving the essential nutrients preventing its optimal functioning, in addition to this effort to maintain body weight, it triggers a survival response by slowing down the metabolism in order to conserve resources.

what does this mean? that, naturally, the body conserves its caloric expenditure since it is not clear when it will have access to the nutrients necessary for its functioning.

The body is prepared to stay alive in times of hunger so that, although it sounds illogical, the lack of sufficient calories contributes to weight gain because the metabolism slows down adopting a "survival" perspective.

Avoid vegetable protein deficiency

The consumption of animal protein is essential in most diets, but what about those of plant origin? Frequently, their intake is suppressed as high calorie foods, when the truth is that they are a source of slowly absorbed carbohydrates, which implies that they cause satiety, as well as being adjuvants in the development of muscle mass.

Avoid the stress of being on a diet

Transforming the diet into a restrictive way of life, triggers stress.

Nothing worse than being constantly worried about what to eat and how many calories are swallowed to lose the pleasure of eating and living stressed.

In the same way, although regular exercise is part of the elementary measures to lose weight, abusing it involves triggering stress by releasing more cortisol, hormone that contributes to gain weight and is associated with other problems associated with weight gain, such as depression.

That is why it is convenient to satisfy the palate with healthy foods in amounts that satisfy it, and a little physical activity instead of trying to adjust it to the strict rules of a diet.

What to do to achieve favorable results with a diet? Knowing the recurring errors when following regimens to lose weight and understanding the common causes of why they fail, it is time to point out some tips with which to reach the goal and not recover the lost weight again.

Always incorporate the menu red and white meats, vegetables, fruits, as well as cereals, dairy products and their derivatives; in counterpart, the consumption of refined or processed foods should be avoided.

Control stress levels, the practice of physical activities it can oscillate between 4 to 5 times a week, and it is advisable to do some hobby.

Avoid prolonged exposure to toxins, although it is difficult, it will suffice to compensate these hours by taking a walk in the park; in the same way, it is convenient to circulate the stagnant air inside the rooms.

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