Risks of Eating a High Protein Diet

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We must bear in mind that when the amino acids of proteins are oxidized in order to eliminate them. An increase in the plasma concentration of ammonium ends up occurring, which is a toxic metabolic that ends up altering the pH, making it more acidic.

When this happens, the environment becomes acidic, which ends up causing neuronal, cardiovascular and respiratory alterations. On the other hand, the body reacts to the toxicity of ammonia, causing it to transform into urea in the liver.

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In this case we are talking about a less toxic compound than the previous one but that the body still needs to eliminate.

Apart from the metabolic problems that they can cause, there are other risks related to excessive protein consumption. Specifically we can say that this problem can cause.

Increase the work of the kidneys

If there is one thing that causes excessive protein consumption, it is kidney problems. That is, this causes problems in kidney health, causing the kidneys to work twice as hard to fulfill their functions.

Increases the risk of nutritional imbalance

When eating a diet high in protein, we must know that it can cause some nutritional imbalances. This is understandable if we take into account that only protein of animal origin is consumed, without consuming foods rich in fiber and reducing the contribution of carbohydrates. When this happens, our body can end up suffering from ketogenesis.

Increases the risk of osteopenia

Finally, we must point out that a diet high in protein can cause problems in your metabolism. Likewise, it can alter bone mineral density, keep in mind that excessive protein consumption can cause; an acidogenic effect, bone resorption and loss of calcium.