Tribulus Terrestris Benefits

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Do you know what Tribulus Terrestris is? Discover all your contributions to the human body!

Among the most popular medicinal plants among men, undoubtedly, the Tribulus Terrestris stands out what is this about? simple, among its multiple properties, it stands out how effective it is in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, in addition to its ability to optimize the performance of athletes.

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Tribulus Terrestris Benefits and properties

Also, denominated abrojo and of Mediterranean origin the Tribulus Terrestris is a plant cultivated in different European countries, Africans and Latin America and India.

Although its leaves and roots have medicinal characteristics, the usable part is its fruit, which is covered with thorns, presenting the following properties.


What is translated to the endless benefits to which it owes its enormous popularity.

Indeed, the supplement has gained fame for its excellent action in enhancing sports performance. However, its properties are not limited to this aspect only.

The consumption of Tribulus Terrestris suggests an improvement in the general condition of the body acting in favor in the fight against a wide range of health problems ranging from circulatory conditions and heart conditions, to pathologies of a sexual nature.

Tribulus Terrestris Works

So far, there is no scientific evidence to guarantee that the plant works 100% for all mentioned.

Nonetheless, studies show its usefulness in reducing the symptoms of angina pectoris, as well as in the optimization of athletic performance.

Likewise, it shows favorable results in patients with sexual and infertility problems, so it can be summarized that their consumption translates into the following benefits.

Improvement in athletic and sports performance

For decades Tribulus Terrestris has been used in the treatment of different conditions.

Currently it represents a natural alternative for the athlete and athlete who wants to increase their strength and muscle mass. The reason it works is because the compounds in the plant encourage the production and reception of androgens.

It is allied against heart diseases and digestive disorders

Studies that support the effectiveness of the herb suggest that it is the perfect complement in the treatment of certain cardiovascular conditions, such as hypertension, angina, high cholesterol, poor circulation and anemia.

On the other hand, it helps to fight problems associated with the digestive system, making it ideal for those suffering from constipation and flatulence.

Complements the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Animal tests show that dietary supplement based on Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone levels, therefore, it is effective in increasing sexual desire and performance.

That is why those who use it, assume that their active ingredients provide the same results, in addition to the hypothesis that suggests an increase in the production of waiting and eggs, without ignoring, their contribution in the erectile disfunction treatment.

It should be added that Chinese medicine has the herb as a special tonic in the treatment of food poisoning and the liver. While its diuretic effect, and efficacy in disorders of the genitourinary system, it fits into the Ayurvedic tradition.

How to take tribulus terrestris?

In general terms, the recommended dose of the supplement is 2 to 3 grams dailyhowever, it is essential to consider the percentage of saponins that it contains, being the most efficient those products that range between 80 to 90%.

The treatment should not be extended for more than 7 continuous weeks, making it imperative at least a break of a couple of weeks before resuming its use.

Contraindications of tribulus terrestris

Although it is a natural and safe supplement, its use is not recommended in pregnant women, nursing mothers and diabetics, the same for men with prostate problems.

Side effects can be said to include sleeping problems and irregular menstrual cycle.

On the other hand, and because the supplement affects blood sugar levels and blood pressure, its consumption is able to interfere with their controls after surgery, so it is convenient to stop the intake at least 2 weeks before an intervention programmed.