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In many countries, people manifest in different stages of their lives, abstinence from meals so as not to gain weight, undergoing rigorous diets, that in some cases lead to side effects such as the strong loss of desire to eat or eat.

On the other hand, there are other groups of people who have loss of appetite, motivated by causes of biological or external origin. Some of them can be loneliness, stress, fatigue, boredom, among others.

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In any of these cases there is a significant demotivation to want to feed, resulting in the loss of weight due to poor diet. That is, they do not give the body the nutrients they need to achieve the proper functioning of the organs that make it up.

It is very important to be alert both in children and adults of decreased appetite. When this pathology is presented, the first thing to do is consult the specialist, in the same way there are also other additional ways to control it, through the remedies or natural treatments that are discussed in the development of this topic.

Below are some common remedies or treatments to treat this disease.

Remedies to recover the appetite

This series of remedies for loss of appetite are homemade, natural and especially easy to prepare

There are a wide range of traditional remedies to beat the loss of appetite to anorexia, but in any case it is always good to consult with the specialist before to try to locate the causes that lead to it.

Gentian Root

Sew for 15 minutes the root of the plant in a liter of water, make the infusion, then let it cool for a few minutes, store in a bottle and drink a cup daily for several days until the state of the disease improves.

Pineapple juice

Every day beat some slices of pineapple, with a liter of water, prepare a juice preferably without sugar, cool and then take a medium tacit, fasting before each meal.


Suck a peeled orange every day, two hours before each meal.

Berries of barberry

You should crush several vayas of this fruit in a liter of water, then leave them in a container macerating for several days (maximum eight), add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten or some other natural sweetener, take a small cup before each meal all the days.


Cook for a few minutes the seeds of this tuber in 300 milliliters of water, then reserve, expect to cool and take it daily before meals.

The ripe tomato juice

Wash a small tomato, then remove the shell, liquefy or squeeze, then strain to take a glass of juice daily, add sugar or preferably honey if desired.

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Remedios caseros para el apetito
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