What is artificial lactation?

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Lactation is a type of milk which is made from the milk of the cow, with a composition and flavor similar to the kick out of breastfeeding, that occurs naturally.

This is an option that is presented in the moments in which mothers do not have the physical capacity to produce natural milk or in some cases by the mother's free choice to feed her children.

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In artificial lactation is used the so-called formula milk, that is administered to babies through a bottle.

The artificial lactation, it essentially serves to feed the babies in their first stage of life that still can not consume solid foods.

Although at present they have not been able to integrate the immunological defenses that breast milk has, the formulated milk existing in the market are approved by health agencies to ensure that they serve for good nutrition of infants. And they serve to be administered during all the first years of the child's life.

When a baby is fed through artificial feeding, this opportunity is used to provide milk formulas that serve to treat other conditions beyond the simple use of sustenance.

Breastfeeding is used to treat cases of constipation in babies, through formulas of milk containing a greater proportion of palmitic acid. Serves for the control of regurgitation adding a thickener called casein, which contains a higher fat content.

There are also anti-colic and comfort formulas, which have proteins that they are hydrolyzed and facilitate the digestion process. Formulas of milk without lactose, that serve for those babies that are born with intolerance to the protein of the milk of the cow.

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¿Qué es la lactancia artificial?
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