10 Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

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A growing problem in our society is obesity. However, a major problem is childhood obesity, which brings many problems to their health that if not corrected in time they will have them for life. In this article we will review 10 tips so that you can prevent this disease in your children and guide them towards a healthy life.

10 Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Buying food: You have to educate children from a young age, that is why when you go to the supermarket or the store to buy food, choose the healthy foods you find. The person who decides what to eat and who is not you, is why you should do everything possible to include vegetables and fruits in the diet of your children.

Non-nutritive foods: As an annex to the previous item, avoid having a large amount of cookies, cakes and sodas in your house. If they are within the reach of children, they will eat them, and you will be creating the habit of eating junk food.

Importance of breakfast: This is, as many say, the most important meal of the day. For this reason it is essential that you include cereals and a cup of milk so that the little one starts the day in the best possible way.

Snack: In many houses at snack time you eat a lot of sweets and all kinds of food rich in fat. Our recommendation is that the child consume yogurt and small servings of candy or cookies.

Soda consumption: Another common mistake is consuming soda for lunch or dinner. This will create a habit in your child, make him fat, and in turn take away his appetite.

Food prohibition: Something that should not be done is to challenge or punish the child because he has eaten or wants to consume a special food. Doing so will make you want to eat the food even more.

Time outdoors: It is necessary that your child go to practice some sport or go out to play in the park with his friends. It is not a good thing to get used to spending hours in front of the television, computer or video game console.

Opt for restaurants: Children love fast food places, which is why the worst thing you can do is take them to one of these businesses since there they will consume a lot of calories, and it will not be good for their diet. One recommendation is that they go to restaurants where there are salads that you like and foods that are not so caloric.

Be patient: If your child has obesity problems, you should reduce his portions and change the foods and drinks he is consuming for healthier ones. However, you cannot apply these changes from one day to the next and do not expect me to lose weight the next day.

Exercise daily: If you are used to walking 30 minutes a day or an activity that you are passionate about, your weight will drop considerably.

Obesity is a disease and requires special attention, so do not hesitate to take your children to a nutritionist if they are overweight. The problem of obesity takes time and even more if the boy has difficulties adding food to his diet.

It is recommended that you turn to a doctor or nutritionist if your child is very overweight.