5 benefits of chocolate

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Although it is currently considered that eating chocolate is not good for your health, in this article we will break that myth. We will review 5 benefits that chocolate has for our health and in this way they can eat it without guilt.

5 benefits of chocolate – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Antioxidant: The first good feature of chocolate is that it is a natural antioxidant and much better than the popular green tea. Even many doctors and specialists recommend it to avoid heart problems and some types of cancer.

As if this were not enough, it has minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, among others that help the body to perform its functions correctly.

Joy and pleasure: Chocolate has amino acids that when they enter the body, activate neurotransmitters responsible for producing happiness and pleasure. It is therefore recommended for people who are going through depression.

Brain: The intake of this food has benefits for our brain health since it is responsible for protecting neuronal cells. In turn, it is recommended when taking exams as it increases concentration.

Cough: People who have a cough usually take drugs to cure it. A good natural remedy is the consumption of chocolate, since it has theobromine, which acts on the nerve responsible for generating the cough.

Heart: Finally, it is highly recommended for heart care, since dark chocolate helps reduce bad cholesterol. On the other hand, it also gives flexibility to the veins, which allows a decrease in blood pressure.

As you can see, the consumption of chocolate has benefits for our health. Chocolate is generally criticized as in people with oily or acne-prone skin, chocolate can promote pimples.

Finally, if they start to eat chocolate they will improve their health as long as their consumption is moderate.

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5 beneficios del chocolate
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