Marks of a liposuction

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Who has not heard the complaints and suffering of someone, with a kind of lament "The scalpel marked me forever". This, because he has undergone liposuction or reconstructive surgery, I know that many here have heard it.

I have spoken before about this topic but not to submit to these options. It happens that a message arrived from a woman who several years ago, went through an operating room reducing the rolls that bothered her, according to her.

Marks of a liposuction – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

I did liposuction and I'm still fat

The message says this: "I am fat even though I did liposuction, I know that undergoing another reductive surgery will make me feel bad, but how can I get rid of the idea of ​​being a" Barbie "? Everyone says I'm thin but I know it's not true. "

Every woman who does not accept herself because she is fat, comes to fear so much of her appearance that her whole body will appear to her, that it is a roll of flesh wrapped in fat, even if it is not so.

They are unable to wear a garment to their liking for consideration, that people will make fun even when there are scars from surgeries.

Marks of a liposuction – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

How to accept yourself to love yourself?

The first advice is that the mental images that intoxicate you, change them for you or better let them go. This, i've explained it before is the way you visualize yourself mentally, that is, your personal image.

The next thing would be, to place an image of yourself where you see who you really are without surgeries, or ornaments. That is, in complete nakedness and understanding your body with intelligence and love. Having scars will always remind you of what you have gone through.

From there is a problem, because every time you look at your legs you will remember this. When vanity and money allow and undoing what the person wants is their decision.

Of course in the brain of this woman there is no knowledgeor. What you should do is look for some knowledge, at least so that you can live happily and how to love yourself. Becoming a "Barbie", that's a complex.

Marks of a liposuction – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Eliminate all the complexes that you have

The complexes are those that deteriorate over time the person, but know how to accept should know that there are books for this can guide. The mirror is a good counselor, but if your mental state is stable.

If not, his mind destroys his life in front of the mirror, as in this case the only thing that makes him see this woman, according to her is that she is "Fat". I can not define it because he has not sent photos, that's another complex because he does not want to be seen.

He has a serious problem already, but he does not accept it because he wants to undergo another surgery again.

For this and many other reasons is that you should look inside for you not to say: "The knife marked me forever."

In my case my body marked my life forever because I knew how to love and carry it, to its complete happiness with my will to love myself.

It is not easy to accept this great idea but only for those who have been convinced, that they are nothing if they are not thin, it is better to be a happy fat than a skinny bitter.