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chili detox smoothie for weight loss

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The flavor of the chili confers it a privileged place in the list of natural ingredients with which to give food a spicy flavor, however, that is not its only attribute, the fruit of the herbaceous plant typical of America, has to its credit numerous slimming properties, making its use recommended beyond the kitchen.

Discover the reasons why chili has to be part of the diet and two excellent ways to take advantage of it to shed those extra kilos.

Why does chili have to be part of the diet?

Those who move in the environment of the natural world, recognize in the chili pepper an infallible ally to shape the body, the first reason for this lies in its power when it comes to burning fat and inhibiting the proliferation of adipose cells, becoming An ideal alternative to lose weight and therefore prevent obesity, it is essential that its intake is accompanied by healthy lifestyle habits, not only with regard to food, but also avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

Capsaicin is the active ingredient of chili with slimming power

When talking about the benefits of chili pepper in weight loss, it is mandatory to mention one of its main active components, and it is called capsaicin. What is so special about it?

1. Prevents the accumulation of fat, how do you achieve it? promoting sweating naturally, which in turn results in the elimination of excess fat accumulated through an active mechanism responsible for triggering the death of immature fat cells.

1. It is a natural thermogenic, what does this mean? that offers properties capable of increasing basal body temperature, inducing calorie burning while optimizing metabolic function.

2. Accelerates metabolism by 25%, becoming a natural slimming par excellence that, in addition to promoting weight loss by causing sweating, encourages the consumption and release of more calories.

3. Decreases appetite, the urge to eat in excess is repressed after eating chili, in fact, studies show that the consumption of one gram of red chili suggests a reduction in appetite, at the same time that fat burning is increased.

In short, it will be enough to season the meals to achieve the acceleration of the metabolism and, consequently, the burning of calories, starting from this, it is common to see chili pepper as an active ingredient in commercial products that promise fat burning, so, what? why not take advantage of it in its natural presentation? In addition to being healthier, it will be less expensive and just as productive.

How to get the most out of the properties of chili?

Although the benefits of chili can be accessed simply by including it in the preparation of different meals, there are two excellent ways to make the most of its properties when the goal is to lose weight, find out which ones are being talked about:

In a detoxifying and fat burning smoothie

The first alternative consists of a smoothie that combines the power of chili with the diuretic and detoxifying effects of pineapple, celery and cucumber. Its preparation requires the following ingredients:

- 250 ml of water

- 1 stick of celery

- 1 green pepper

- ½ cucumber

- 1 slice of pineapple

The elaboration process is very simple, all the ingredients will have to be placed inside the blender in order to process them until obtaining a homogeneous smoothie which can be taken directly or after straining, despite the fact that it yields the same benefits for the intended purpose, it is advisable to take advantage of the fiber contained.

Preparing a cold gel with which to reduce size in the abdominal area

Enhancing the effect of chili intake at meals and the shake suggested above, the following recipe acts in favor of the dissolution of fat accumulated in the abdomen area, it requires:

- 1 cup of water

- 1 cup apple cider vinegar

- 1 hot pepper

- Peel of a dried grapefruit in small pieces or powder

- Peel of a dried orange in small pieces or powder

- 4 tablespoons of dried seaweed

- 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper

- 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder

- 3 tablespoons of flax seeds

The preparation begins by chopping the chili into small pieces to combine it with the algae and the citrus peel until integrated into a bowl suitable for heat, then add the water, the cayenne pepper and the apple cider vinegar and bring to a source of heat to cook over low heat, removing it once it breaks the boil.

After waiting for it to rest, strain it and add the cinnamon and flax seeds, returning the bowl to a slow fire and allowing it to cook for about 40 minutes while stirring.

Once the time has elapsed, remove from the heat and cool, strain and pack in an airtight jar in which it will be kept in the refrigerator until it is used. How? massaging circularly over the area to be treated, before leaving it to act for a couple of hours.


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