How to prepare healthy breakfasts?

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Now that we know what we should include in our breakfasts, we must know some healthy proposals. In this case we focus on healthy sweet or savory breakfasts.

How to prepare healthy breakfasts? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Greek yogurt with granola

We must bear in mind that this food has been popular for a long time. So it provides a good amount of protein and probiotics. For these cases, the best we can do is take natural Greek yogurt and add ¼ cup of granola.

Yogurt, strawberry and oatmeal smoothie

A good option for a healthy breakfast is to prepare a smoothie. In this case we will use yogurt, strawberry and oatmeal. Thanks to the combination of these, it is possible to obtain a drink that provides energy, stimulates digestion and satisfies the appetite.

To make it, just mix a cup of natural unsweetened yogurt, strawberry and half a cup of oatmeal. It is important that the smoothie is creamy, so that we can accompany them with some nuts and make this a healthy breakfast.

Egg and Mushroom Burrito

Another healthy breakfast is the egg and mushroom burrito. In this case we must add a tablespoon of grape seed oil or olive oil in a pan and add the chopped mushrooms and eggs. You must stir for a couple of minutes and then place in the tortilla that must be integral.

Omelette or omelette with vegetables

An omelette with vegetables is one of the best healthy breakfasts, since it allows us to take advantage of the benefits of vegetables. As for its preparation, we must take a container, add the eggs and add ingredients such as red and green peppers. As well as onion and a spinach leaf.

Once this is done, we must pour the mixture into a pan with a little olive oil and let it cook well. As an optional way we can fill with beans and a small slice of avocado.

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