Menu to lose weight

Cristian García
4 min read

At the moment of wanting to lose weight, having an excellent diet will allow you to lose those extra kilos much earlier than you think. therefore, here we will show you an excellent menu to lose weight quickly.

The menu that we will show you is based on meals addressed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this way, you can take full control of your daily meals to get the best results in a short time.

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This menu is based on suggestions from the websites DKV Salud and CLARA, so you will have a selection of experts in the area. See the list below:



whole-grain toast with tomatoes, oil and kiwi. You can also choose two toasts with jam without sugar, accompanied by coffee or tea.


Canon salad served with lemon vinaigrette and a little Parmesan cheese. It is recommended to accompany the dish with sea bass in the oven.

Another perfect option is a potato omelette, a tomato and lettuce salad, and a kiwi.


Cooked salmon or chicken with mushrooms, accompanied by a sautéed salad or a tomato cream.



Whole-wheat toast with tomato accompanied by a yogurt with apple. Another option can be 30gr of cereals without sugar accompanied by 200ml of skimmed milk.


Lemon chicken with stuffed aubergines. You can also opt for a puree of chickpeas and orange chicken.


Greek salad and a pear. Another option can be a soup of noodles and hake with clams, accompanied by a skimmed yogurt.



Ciabatta with tomato, ham and cheese. You can also try again 2 toasts with jam without sugar accompanied by a coffee or tea.


Roasted vegetables and trout loins. You can also opt for marinera mussels and avocados stuffed with papaya, lettuce and onion.


Rabbit with hazelnuts and an omelet of 1 egg only with asparagus. You can also choose a cream of leeks and a little turkey.



Whole-grain toast with tomato, olive and plum. 30gr of cereals accompanied by 200ml of skimmed milk.


Tomato salad and fresh cheese without fat accompanied with loin tape. Another option may be pork tenderloin with gazpachos.


Cream of carrot and rice timbales with salmon. Another option can be baked salmon and a sautéed broccoli with onion.



Whole-grain toast with tomatoes accompanied by yogurt and an apple. Again, you can choose 2 toasts with jam without sugar accompanied by coffee or tea.


Egg with potatoes and paprika pepper accompanied by a vegetable broth. Another option is a salad of avocado, mango and salmon, accompanied by a hake with vinaigrette.


Baked veal meatballs and a vegetable stew. You can also choose asparagus with vinaigrette and turkey and pineapple brochette.

Lots of meals

Here we will show you a list with the maximum portions of each meal. Remember to follow the same to avoid exceeding your low calorie diet:

  • Bread: 3-4 slices.

  • Pasta or rice: 60-80gr.

  • Milk: 1 glass or 200-250ml.

  • Yogurt: 125ml.

  • Vegetables: 150-200gr.

  • Legumes: 60-80gr.

  • Meats: 100-125gr.

Can I eat between meals?

Yes, you can do it. In case of want to eat something at mid afternoon or mid morning, you can try some of our options. In this way, you can govern your diet and avoid spending the daily amount of calories:


You can eat a piece of wholemeal bread (40g) with a slice of Iberian ham. You can also choose to eat a fruit such as pineapple, kiwi or strawberries.

Mid afternoon

You can opt for a skim milk shake with a banana. Another alternative is to eat a low-fat yogurt or compote.