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A condition that has become very frequent in recent years is sleep apnea. Which occurs when a person stops breathing at any time during any hour of the night.

Before a person suffers from a sleep apnea, there are certain symptoms that may arise. This condition seriously affects people preventing them from having a restful rest. Due to the drowsiness that is suffered.

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What is sleep apnea?

As mentioned before, sleep apnea is a condition where a certain individual stops breathing for slight moments during sleep. Usually people with this disease suffer from very loud snoring.

Apnea usually occurs when the individual is snoring, then stops. The common thing is that it occurs while the person is in rEM phase.

It should be noted that this disease can occur several times in the same night. We speak of a serious case when two are presented barely per hour.

Causes of sleep apnea

Before proceeding with the treatment for sleep apnea, you must understand why it occurs.

Apnea occurs when a person suffers a total or almost total collapse in the pharynx. If it is a total collapse in the pharynx it is a hypopnea.

As a result, a transient cessation of respiration occurs. During a sleep apnea, the heart keeps beating. So we should not confuse this condition with the so-called cardo-respiratory stop.

With age increases the risk of suffering from apnea, being a more frequent disease in men. Although it can occur from menopause in women.

Symptoms of sleep apnea

The main symptom is snoring, usually we talk about very loud snoring minutes after falling asleep. There are also other symptoms such as having a dry mouth, suffering from headaches and fatigue.

The headaches they occur as a side effect of this condition, because the brain does not oxygenate well. While fatigue occurs because the person does not have a restful sleep.

Other symptoms that apnea can cause are;

· Depression

· Irritability

· Loss of concentration and memory capacity.

Risk of sleep apnea

If we talk about a severe apnea there is an increase in the risk of diseases like;

· Arterial hypertension

· Ischemic heart disease.

· Cerebrovascular accidents.

· Increase in mortality figures.

Treatments for sleep apnea

It is important to know that there is no cure for this disease, each of the treatments for sleep apnea are designed to stop their symptoms. This being the best way to improve the quality of life of the patient.

When noticing signs of this disease you should go to the doctor to make a diagnosis. Diagnosed the disease can proceed to apply the treatments for sleep apnea as:

Improve our lifestyle

This is the main thing to treat sleep apnea, for this we must stop smoking if we are smokers, exercise and lose weight. It should be noted that this treatment works very well when it comes to a mild apnea.

Sleeping mask

This mask exerts a pressure in the upper airway preventing it from stopping. This treatment is minimally invasive and eliminates snoring.

Surgery and only in very specific cases will the specialist subject the patient to surgery. As is the case of polyps or injuries in the respiratory tract.

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